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As part of our commitment to providing Allied Health and Disability Services, Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) provides Neurofeedback in NSW Central West, Wollongong and Sydney. Our team of qualified practitioners is dedicated to providing quality services to improve the everyday lives of our clients. We support individuals across their lifespan who are living with medical conditions that affect the brain, have learning difficulties or experience mental health concerns.

non-invasive, drug-free approach, Neurofeedback (NFT) is a tool through which we can retrain the brain to respond and regulate itself more effectively . Just as exercise can improve our performance and enhance the strength of muscles, neurofeedback can do this for the brain.

Our brains are highly capable of change, and it is this ability to change and adapt that NFT leverages. This allows us to redirect and relearn behaviours.

Our neurofeedback clinicians in Central West utilise state-of-the-art technology to monitor your brain waves and other forms of biological feedback (or biofeedback) while you undertake a set task. This careful monitoring provides key insights that then allow us to tailor your therapy plan for the best approach and outcomes.

You will be tasked with completing an activity such as paying attention to images or movies on a screen or playing a simple video game, and on completion, should your brain waves remain within normal range, there will be no interruptions to what you are doing. Conversely, should your brain waves shift to an abnormal range, the activity will become interrupted by a form of stimuli, such as a beeping sound.

Over time, this teaches your brain that keeping a normal range neurological response generates positive outcomes.

Where biofeedback involves the assessment of your physiological state such as your perspiration, temperature, muscle tension and heart rate, neurofeedback is solely focused on brainwaves. We can consider Neurofeedback as biofeedback for the brain, where the information it provides supports us to better personalise your therapy.

There are many benefits to taking part in NFT as part of your therapy plan, including:

  • Acting as an effective companion to existing therapies for concerns such as ADHD, stress, anxiety, adjustment-related symptoms and behavioural health.

  • Facilitating better communication within the brain to promote peak performance, memory recollection, as well as sensory regulation and integration.

  • Supporting enhanced sensory regulation for ADHD, autism, and anxiety-related symptoms. NFT is an efficacious and specific therapy for ADHD and symptoms of anxiety in individuals across their lifespan.

  • Being a non-pharmacological approach, i.e., free from medications.

  • Being a longer-term solution, unlike medication, which only works while you are taking it.

  • Being safe – making it a leading alternative for NDIS clients with complex needs.

As we become more aware of the brain’s incredible ability to adapt and change, we are better able to support those who want an alternative to medication-based therapy. NFT is emerging as a leading choice and a genuine, evidence-based approach.

The first step to undertaking Neurofeedback therapy with DFS is to meet with one of our clinicians and undergo a comprehensive initial assessment. We can do this at your home, office, or at our clinic.

The goal of this assessment is to get to better know you know your needs before we formulate your tailored therapy plan. Each of us is unique, and it is important to us you feel comfortable and confident in our understanding of your needs and goals.

The second step for undergoing Neurofeedback at our Central West clinic involves a review of your brain’s electrical activity whereby specially made sensors that monitor brain wave signals are gently placed upon your scalp and ears.

This information is then collated by our qEEG diagnostic tool, which applies precise mathematical and statistical analysis to your brainwave patterns. It forms a comparison between your brainwaves and those that are a baseline for expected activity, creating your unique brain map.

This brain map is a tool through which we can more readily identify patterns outside of an anticipated range and note whether there are any disruptions. The combination of these techniques enables us to formulate the most effective approach to your therapy.

Throughout your therapy, your progress is tracked, monitored and reviewed by our skilled clinicians. In doing this, we are best positioned to adapt your therapy as required.

Not located in Central West? We are committed to ensuring our clients can access the care they require and are pleased to offer telehealth consults for remote service provision. Through remote NFT, you can participate in your NFT therapy from the comfort of your home, never compromising on convenience while you experience this incredible therapeutic approach.

Opting to undergo NFT means choosing to be dedicated and patient. It is a long-term therapy that can bring about lasting changes in your brain, but only through commitment. Think of it as training for a marathon. A single run will not prepare you. It takes dedication and consistency. This is the same for your brain and NFT.

Having said this, many individuals will recognise subtle changes anywhere between their second and fifth sessions. To promote the most comprehensive, optimally beneficial changes, we recommend long-term therapy of 30-50 sessions over a year or more.

While NFT can bring positive changes to your mood through better brainwave regulation, such as being calmer and happier, it cannot change your core personality. For example, you will be better able to manage feelings of anger and agitation in triggering situations, but the elements that make up your personality, such as your likes and dislikes will remain unchanged.

After initially undergoing neurofeedback in Central West, it is possible to feel tired, anxious or have a headache. This is simply the brain’s response to all that intensive exercise.

The good news is that these symptoms dissipate rapidly at the close of your session and will often dissipate over time with additional sessions. If you experience ongoing symptoms or have concerns, we encourage you to speak with your practitioner for neurofeedback in Central West.

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At Direct Focus Solutions we take a multidisciplinary approach to addressing mental health concerns. Through the combination of allied health practices and our combined expertise from various disciplines, we are better able to help our clients. It is this world-class approach to your care that sets us apart.

Regardless of your age or abilities, our integrative, comprehensive approach means we can meet your unique needs as a valued Neurofeedback client in Central West.

Experience the difference that comes from undergoing therapy with passionate, dedicated, and highly qualified practitioners. At DFS, we want to see you live free of negative thinking patterns or behaviours that cause you distress and wish for you to enjoy an improved quality of life.

For unmatched Neurofeedback services in Central West, call Direct Focus Solutions today on 1300 197 949.

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