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The Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) team comprises highly skilled and compassionate psychologists. We cater to the diverse needs of individuals with mental health concerns through our uniquely tailored therapy plans.

Through applying an effective and holistic approach to mental health, we can support individuals to achieve their therapy goals and enhance their quality of life. Our psychological assessments in the Central West enable us to identify any areas of concern in how our clients express themselves and perceive the world around them. The results of our observations and assessments ensure we are best positioned to deliver optimal therapy plans and processes for each of our clients .

A person’s thoughts, behaviours, abilities and other characteristics can be collated and used to evaluate their individual mental state. It is this gathering and assessment of information that we refer to as a psychological assessment.

Our psychological assessments in the Central West may include several types of testing methods in areas such as:

  • Personality
  • Achievement tests
  • Attitude tests
  • Aptitude tests
  • Intelligence tests
  • Emotional intelligence tests
  • Neurophysiological tests
  • Projective tests and
  • Observation tests

The choice of testing methods used in your assessment will depend on the concerns raised with your psychologist. Your assessment will then be conducted accordingly.

Types Of Psychological Assessments we offer in the Central West

Every psychological assessment we perform in the Central West has been selected based on criteria that includes being evidence-based, effective, and reliable. These methods enable our practitioners to obtain an accurate profile of our client’s needs and mental state. 

We are able to deliver a wide variety of assessments, including:

ADHD Assessments

We tailor our Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments with the individual needs and considerations of the client in mind. During the assessment process, we will employ behaviour assessments and diagnostic interviews underpinned by DSM-V criteria.

Complex ADHD Assessments

Within our complex ADHD assessments, we also assess for signs of Autism and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. It is essential to screen for these conditions in some suspected cases of ADHD due to the potential for these conditions to be simultaneously expressed alongside ADHD.

For neurodiverse clients, our understanding of the often-simultaneous presence of these conditions ensures we are best able to facilitate therapy with all appropriate factors in consideration. We offer compassionate understanding and a wealth of experience with the goal of making this complex process as stress-free as possible.

Autism Assessments

DFS is dedicated to the provision of clinically robust Autism assessments. When assessing autism, we utilise several comprehensive behavioural assessment approaches. This includes deferring to occupational therapists as part of our diagnostic interviews.

With a focus on calm and respectful interactions, we tailor all our assessments to meet the unique needs of our clients. We adhere to all DSM-V criteria, including those related to intellectual functioning if necessary.

Accessing Therapy

With several therapy options available for those experiencing mental health concerns, DFS is committed to being as accessible as possible. In addition to regular in-person clinical consultations we offer appointments for psychological assessments in the Central West via Telehealth video conferencing.

DFS also offers services through a variety of funding streams. For example, we offer subsidised mental health therapy plans through Medicare. Medicare allows for up to 20 individual psychology sessions per calendar year, so long as your GP refers you.

Therapy Options

Upon completion of your psychological assessment in the Central West, your psychologist may recommend pursuing one or more of the following therapies:


Psychoeducation is a vital component of maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. Through psychoeducation, our clients learn about the impact their mental health has on their daily life. By recognising how mental health influences their behaviour, changes can be adopted to eliminate negative, incorrect, or false beliefs and thinking styles.

Psychoeducation is a valuable tool that encourages clients to have a greater awareness of their strengths, positive thinking styles, feelings, and emotions. This supports clients by providing a better way of coping with adversity and responding to life’s challenges.

Behaviour Support

Are you seeking a Behaviour Support Plan or requiring a Functional Behaviour Analysis? Our clinicians are specialists in positive behaviour support – offering training and implementation support throughout one’s therapy. Through this, we create significant behavioural changes in our clients. Our multidisciplinary approach to holistic case management is most often underpinned by our Behaviour Support Plans.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Best suited to clients seeking to take small but effective steps towards positive behaviour change, cognitive behavioural therapy is a slow, steady process. Using visualisation, practised changes, repetitive dialogue and more, clients can change their negative or limiting habits.

By changing how we think and behave, we can experience better control over how we feel.


Often used as a companion therapy to other approaches, hypnotherapy helps to direct and focus a client’s attention. This creates familiarity with new perspectives and understandings, which can then make responses and reactions more positive.

Why Choose Us?

At DFS our psychological assessments in the Central West offer informed and reliable reporting that is second to none. Our multidisciplinary team of clinicians offers skilled advice focused on enhancing an individual’s understanding of themselves and how they fit into the world.

DFS is committed to the provision of a secure space where clients feel safe and empowered to enhance their quality of life through supportive and transformative intervention. For genuine care backed by a qualified team, contact DFS Central West today on 1300 197 949 and arrange your
psychological assessment in the Central West.



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