Workforce Integration

The Business Integration Initiative incorporates a performance enhancement approach in partnership with community business stakeholders that allows individuals to personally and professionally succeed in all aspects of their livies. The initiative is an intensive approach incorporating assessment, goal setting, and take-home strategies. This is supported by an integrated network including health and wellbeing practitioners, small businesses, and significant others (family/friends). The Business Integration Initiative is an individually tailored program that includes opportunities for employment and participation in project development while receiving access to health and wellbeing support. A tentative program outline typically includes:

  • Assessment and review
  • Weekly/fortnightly catchups with the support worker
  • Professional development and training opportunities with participating businesses
  • Fortnightly project coordinator check-ins
  • Weekly participating business review
  • Psychological strategies
  • Supported skills development and exposure therapy
  • Weekly Neurofeedback therapy (2 sessions per week)