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We offer counselling and psychology services in Sydney to help you over life’s hurdles. Our multidisciplinary team at Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) are focused on delivering holistic therapy for adults and children to address a range of issues that can prevent you from getting the most out of life. 

What does Psychology look like at our Sydney clinics?

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. It includes multiple fields of study, including cognitive processes, health, clinical, social and sports behaviour, as well as human development. The goals of psychology are to describe a behaviour or symptom, explain why it is happening, predict future behaviour—for example, if someone associates a negative outcome with stimuli, they may develop a phobia to it - and, finally, to change the behaviour. 

Our psychologists work with individuals of different ages with psychological, behavioural or emotional distress which interferes with their wellbeing and everyday functioning. The aim is to reduce emotional distress and enable individuals to enjoy and engage fully in life again. 

At DFS, psychology is about tapping into your strengths to manage your concerns and help you to lead your best life. 

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Which conditions Can Benefit from Psychology Services?

Psychology services often include counselling or therapy. This is useful for a wide range of issues and concerns but some of the common reasons people seek assistance with therapy include anxiety, stress, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anger management, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), addiction, self-harm and more. 

What Psychology Services does Sydney-based DFS offer?

Psychology at Sydney-based Direct Focus Solutions is offered through a number of different therapies, all tailored to provide a holistic and individual approach to wellbeing.

Psychology therapies offered by our team include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Neurofeedback Therapy (NFT).

While these techniques may differ, their common ground is in facilitating healthy coping mechanisms to allow individuals to move forwards with their life.

Additional Psychology Services

CBT works by identifying negative thoughts or patterns that are affecting an individual’s life and developing strategies with them to enable change. Although it can be used in broad terms, CBT it is commonly applied to anxiety, depression and phobia problems.

ACT teaches mindfulness practices – skills to help you deal with painful thoughts and feelings. Through ACT, you can have greater influence over your own emotions and responses.

NFT supports and enhances your therapy through brain training. This essentially involves regulating brainwaves to promote self-regulation and resolve the symptoms in disorders such as depression, anxiety, autism and a host of others.

Everyone is different and so is their mental health care plan!

We recognise that everyone is individual. We provide seamless support with therapies that work effectively when our clinical team and clients work together.

By addressing common mental health and emotional concerns we can help you to turn around your way of dealing with problems so that you can cope with them successfully in the future.

To find out more about the services offered for psychology at our  Sydney clinics, contact us today.

Counselling is about building relationships. If a connection cannot be made between therapist and client, your therapy will be far less effective.

What Can I Expect at a Psychology Appointment?

Our psychology services in Sydney are available across the city in several locations. We understand how difficult it is for some people to seek help—especially if they feel their problems are inconsequential. But our team are approachable and committed to making you feel safe in a secure, comfortable environment. 

Everyone can benefit from therapy— even if they aren’t seeking help with a particular issueFor some, therapy is about self-discovery and improvement and we offer suitable, tailor-made support and therapies—no matter what the issue is. 

At your initial session, you will be able to discuss your situation with one of our fully qualified and fully accredited practitioners. We can go through some of the approaches that may be helpful to you and take it from there. 

Depending on the nature of the therapy you need, you may require more or less sessions than others, and there may be work you need to do outside of the session. For example, CBT often involves work to take away and do at home; some sessions may involve psychometric tests and often, several types of therapy may be undertaken to produce the best outcome. 

We think it is important to get the right fit and at the end of your first session, our psychologists will make a recommendation as to what therapy you may benefit from and how many sessions you may need. 

Schedule an Appointment with our Psychologists in Sydney

At DFS, we work with adults and children with mental health concerns and offer assistance to people with physical and intellectual disabilities. Combining counselling, occupational therapy, brain training,  biofeedback and other services, we help people identify common emotional and mental health concerns and equip them with the strategies to deal with them effectively.

Our team is highly skilled in all areas of psychology.  Sydney-siders can book an appointment at one of our offices located in the city where we offer a wide range of services to assist you on your road to wellness. Our services also incorporate telehealth, which means we can now offer our exceptional psychology services to anyone around Australia. Call today to speak with one of our friendly staff about your journey toward better mental health.

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Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Support Work

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