Day Programs

Direct Focus Solutions’ day program takes place during four terms of the year and can be facilitated five days per week and/or on weekends. We maintain a focus on individual needs and understand that barriers vary from person to person. Our goal is to create an innovative and safe environment to best support the needs of all of our participants.

We aim to provide fun, structured opportunities for growth for people with disabilities. This includes NDIS participants with an intellectual disability who have finished or are nearing the completion of high school. We assist participants in reaching their individual goals (closely aligned with those identified in their NDIS plans) and provide opportunities to develop skills transferrable into the workplace. To aid this process, we additionally provide support for the participant’s family members / carers. Our day programs also help to build individuals confidence, independence, and access to the community. They can provide an environment for individuals to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Our programs are built on a strong, person-centred foundation. We design our programs based on the identified needs and interests of each individual participant. Qualified clinicians and skilled support workers collaborate extensively to ensure that quality and achievable outcomes are incorporated throughout each individual’s program. These steps enable us to create a safe space that encourages our participants to actively engage in their daily activities as well as our program content.

Our programs include the following options:

  1. Creative Mindfulness
  2. Yoga (for kids and adults)
  3. Movement Group
  4. Cooking Group
  5. Bush Walking / Forest Therapy
  6. Swimming / Surfing
  7. Video Gaming
  8. Board Games and Puzzles
  9. Arts and Crafts
  10. Community Participation
  11. Fishing