Occupational Therapy in Wollongong

If you are recovering from an operation or illness, have a disability, or experience mental health concerns or learning difficulties, Direct Focus Solutions offers occupational therapy in Wollongong and other locations in NSW so you can receive the help you need.  

Occupational therapists work with individuals who have physical, cognitive or mental health concerns that impact their ability to perform everyday tasks and activities. Many of us may take tasks such as dressing, cooking a meal or grocery shopping, for granted. For others though, these tasks can present very real challenges that are difficult to overcome.

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational therapy at our Wollongong practice takes a holistic approach to mental and physical wellbeing. We believe in servicing individuals across their lifespan to teach the skills they need to perform daily activities. This allows them to enjoy a fulfilling and independent life.  

Occupational therapists will work with individuals who have difficulties related to either mental health or disability. Their primary role is to consider the person’s physical, emotional, social, and environmental needs.  

Occupational therapy may be helpful for those experiencing a wide range of physical and mental health concerns such as:  

  • Sensory Processing Disorders, where individuals experience difficulty filtering and organising sensory information 
  • Anxiety and Depression (self-regulation) 
  • Completing daily self-care activities (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
  • Accessing the community to perform shopping, socialisation, vocational activities and more 
  • Mobility, balance, and coordination skills where they may be undeveloped thus impacting performance in daily activity 
An elderly person trying to flick an aluminium foil ball to a targeted area - Direct Focus Solutions
A hand picking up small objects with a use of toy tweezers - Direct Focus Solutions

The various interventions that can be implemented to help with these barriers may include:   

  • Using adaptive equipment or assistive technology 
  • Adapting living or work surroundings 
  • Making recommendations on housing solutions 
  • Task modification and developing strategies to implement these
  • Mental health strategies to manage stress and symptoms of mental illness 
  • Finding solutions to meet the client’s goals 
  • Providing intensive intervention programs for sensory processing issues such as the Therapeutic Listening Program (Vital Links) and Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique  
  • Providing a trauma informed approach (including attachment based intervention)  
  • Social group programs 
  • Vocational group programs 

Occupational therapists are equipped with a variety of tools, such as cognitive assessment, sensory strategies, environmental and task modifications, and socio-emotional skill

All of these various tools are utilised to help people manage the impairments they experience as a result of physical, cognitive and mental health concerns. 

We can help people with an injury or disability to compensate for the difficulties experienced due to pain, illness, and other physical limitations. Regardless of your situation, OT can help you gain more independence and improve day-to-day tasks by teaching you how to adapt and overcome. 

What Mental Health Concerns Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

In Australia, mental health concerns are common. According to the Black Dog Institute, 1 in 5 people experience mental health concerns in their lifetime. This number continues to grow due to the mental health effects of COVID-19 – Beyond Blue states that 45% of people are currently experiencing mental health concerns. This indicates that many individuals would benefit from support, which can be provided by occupational therapists, to enable them to live their lives as fully as possible.  

Occupational therapy for mental health concerns has positive outcomes for the health and wellness of individuals at home and in the workplace. It can benefit people with a range of psychosocial and developmental conditions such as autism, depression, bipolar affective disorder, ADHD and other mental health concerns by improving social skills, communication, distress tolerance and problem-solving skills.

This, in turn, assists in building relationships, interacting positively with the world and developing strategies to manage the symptoms of the illness.

A therapist helps a man during a physiotherapy exercise - Direct Focus Solutions
A therapist helps a man place a brick while squatting - Direct Focus Solutions

What are the Occupational Therapy Programs at DFS Wollongong?

The talented team of multidisciplinary specialists at DFS can provide occupational therapy to Wollongong residents with various evidence-based approaches. We believe in designing your healthcare to fit your individual needs and requirements. Our knowledgeable staff are focused on helping you achieve your goals at your pace. Your interests and preferred ways of engaging are taken into account throughout every step along the way with programs designed just for you that may include: 

Therapeutic Listening

Developed by Vital Links, this program is used for individuals who struggle with attention, communication, listening and processing sensory informationMusic or ambient sounds may be used to help focus listeners so they can better engage with the world around them. 

Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol

Referred to as brushing therapy, this is used in children who react excessively to sensory input. By brushing the body with a small brush throughout the day, it helps to calm children and bring their levels of alertness down to normal. 

Attachment/engagement approach

The ability to develop healthy emotional attachments is often impaired in children who have experienced trauma.

It is important to provide focussed ways to strengthen self-esteem, emotional connections, trust, and emotional resilience to enable these children to function fully at home, school and in the community.   

 At Direct Focus Solutions we offer a range of solutions to support children and provide them with a feeling of safety, assuredness,  and comfort.  

Occupational therapists are trained in various therapies, such as cognitive assessment, sensory strategies and socio-emotional skills that are used to help individuals with mental health concerns.

Find Out More About Occupational Therapy in Wollongong

Contact us for further information about accessing the various programs DFS offers in occupational therapy. Wollongong is one of several locations throughout NSW where you can come in to see usWe also offer Telehealth appointments if you would like to contact us from the comfort of our own home. Occupational therapy is a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing offering strategies that help you adapt and achieve your full potential. 

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