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The holistic team offers services at Direct Focus Solution

Allied Health and Disability Services

At Direct Focus Solutions, our multidisciplinary team of practitioners provides a wide variety of services to both children and adults. These include psychology and counselling support, occupational therapy, speech therapy, disability and community support, as well as brain training and neurofeedback. Our multidisciplinary approach to therapy allows us to link mind, body and brain to better support the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of individuals across their lifespans.

Here at Direct Focus Solutions, we will provide you with the means to overcome life’s hurdles through supporting your holistic growth and development. Our team’s diversity of skills, experiences, and professional services, including psychology, can provide a wide array of solutions that are, true to our name, directed and focused on your needs.

Our team continues to grow and expand across multiple clinics throughout Sydney and Wollongong. As our geographic range has extended, we are committed to remaining flexible and mobile. This has allowed us to offer our many services to the most-needed places in our communities including homes, schools, workplaces, group homes and correction centres.

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Psychology, Occupational Therapy, speech therapy and support work

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How can Allied Health help you?

With its basis in scientific research, allied health aims to better understand how our minds process information and learn, interpret events, and make decisions or determine courses of action. Our highly skilled allied health professionals then take this information and create a therapy plan based on tried and tested techniques to assist people to live their best life. At DFS, allied health services form the basis of our holistic, mind, brain, and body approach to therapy and care.

Whether your concerns are with addictions, ADHD & ADD, anger management, anxiety, autism & Asperger’s, depression, PMS, PTSD and trauma, stress, or OCD, our allied health professionals will understand your individual concerns and work with you to overcome your mental health challenges.

Our allied health professionals work with other professionals in our multidisciplinary practice to best manage your care.

The premier team offers services at DFS

We are registered providers with NDIS, Medicare and Victim Services.

Programs at DFS

Direct Focus Solutions is committed to developing individualised programs for our clients. However, sometimes, we find that a program which includes other clients who are working towards the same goal is the best program for an individual. That’s why we are excited to offer our range of educational programs that cover a range of valuable topics including diet and nutrition, mindfulness, goal setting, thinking styles, sleep principles, learning to be assertive, the value of exercise, managing grief and loss, enhancing performance, social skills, and stability and coordination.

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Join the Team

At Direct Focus Solutions, our high-quality therapies and welcoming environments all come down to our dedicated staff. We attract an extensive range of highly qualified practitioners, including experts in psychology, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Each of our clinicians are professionally trained and accredited with their registering bodies. They are committed to continual self-improvement by following best practices and maintaining professional standards of excellence. That’s why they are all among the best in their fields.

We also currently employ neurofeedback technicians, counsellors, registered nurses, and disability and community support workers.

At Direct Focus Solutions, we are continually supportive of our team’s interests, passions, and professional development, and strive to turn our specialists’ passions into real outreach programs that engage and support our communities.

Intern Placement

Real clients, real lives, real concerns: at DFS, our Intern Placement Program offers graduates the opportunity to learn alongside highly trained professionals in a multidisciplinary clinic. The quality of experience such a program offers cannot be mirrored in a university setting, neither can it be matched in a program that offers only a single-discipline approach. We are proud to play our part in training the next generation of experts who will be responsible for the care of our clients

Proud to be registered providers with…

At Direct Focus Solutions, we recognise the importance of supporting each other within the health sector. By working closely with other organisations, we can improve the quality of support we provide for our clients. This is why DFS is proud to be partnered with the following organisations:


Direct Focus Solutions is a registered NDIS provider. For more information about how our team can support you under the National Disability Insurance Scheme please call us on (02) 9190 6738.

Medicare Rebates for psychology and other services

You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate on some services provided by DFS, including if you:

• are a child under the age of 16
• hold a Commonwealth Concession Card
• have a Mental Health Care Plan.

For more information, please see our Funding and Rebates page.

Victims Services

Our principal psychologist Lynette Fane De Salis is approved under the Approved Counselling Service (ACS) to provide victims of crime up to 22 hours of free counselling and psychology appointments.

You can apply for support through Victim Services by going to the Victim Services Website and completing the application for support for primary victims located:

We understand completely that one size does not fit all. We are dedicated to adopting a holistic perspective when it comes to providing quality health services. Our partnerships are just one way that we support the whole person, not just the issue at hand.

We cover CTP Insurance and Workcover

For NSW clients who have been involved in a motor accident, CTP insurance covers mental health service therapy, including psychology services, for up to 26 weeks from the date of the accident.

As part of your therapy, we conduct thorough assessments and liaise with case managers and/or rehab providers to help get you back to your best as soon as possible.

We also have specialists that can facilitate a return to previous employment through a gradual return to work program. If your previous job is no longer an option, we can help you secure new employment.

Through our individually tailored therapy plans we empower you to manage your own injury, therapy, and recovery. Working with our many disciplines, including occupational and psychology services, our priority is to get you back to enjoying life and living to the fullest.

When you find it challenging to keep up with the many transitional
moments life throws at you, DFS is here to help.

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