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When you need help managing life’s ups and downs, Direct Focus Solution’s psychology and counselling team in Wollongong can assist you. We offer tailor-made psychology services in various locations across NSW, catering to the diverse needs of adults, children and individuals with mental health concerns. Our highly trained professionals can address specific concerns that may be holding you back from maximising your potential, and preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest. We tailor a direct and holistic treatment plan to suit your individual needs.

A psychological assessment is the gathering, collation and analysis of information that is used to evaluate a person’s behaviour, abilities, and other characteristics. Our psychological assessments in Wollongong may include testing methods such as:

  • Personality tests
  • Achievement tests
  • Attitude tests
  • Aptitude teststs
  • Intelligence tests
  • Emotional intelligence tests
  • Neurophysiological tests
  • Projective tests and
  • Observation tests

At DFS we offer additional supports for our clients experiencing mental health concerns through a variety of therapy options. Therapy is available directly or as part of a “Mental Health Treatment Plan” subsidised by Medicare.

With the support of your GP, Medicare allows for 20 individual psychology sessions per calendar year. After your first 6 appointments, you will need to see your GP again for a mental health plan review. They will then decide if you need a referral for further sessions.

To make psychological assessments in Wollongong and mental health support as accessible as possible, we also offer appointments with your psychologist via Telehealth videoconferencing.

Following a psychological assessment in Wollongong, your psychologist may suggest one or more of the following therapy options:


Psychoeducation is a vital aspect of maintaining mental health and wellbeing. For our clients, psychoeducation is a great way to learn more about how their mental health concerns impact their daily life. Providing a way for clients to recognise how their thinking may impact their behaviour challenges them to change negative, incorrect, or false beliefs and thinking styles that they may hold about themselves or others.

Psychoeducation encourages clients to focus on their strengths, positive thinking styles, and feelings and emotions, as a way of coping and responding to life’s challenges.

Behaviour Support

As specialists in positive behaviour support, we may also generate Behaviour Support Plans and carry out Functional Behaviour Analysis for our clients.

Our staff includes Behaviour Support Practitioners who are adept at the training and implementation of these plans and work to facilitate significant behavioural change in our clients. Our Behaviour Support Plans often underpin our multidisciplinary approach to holistic case management.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Aimed at supporting clients to make incremental steps toward a behaviour change, cognitive behavioural therapy may begin with something as simple as visualisation. It involves ongoing practice related to changing negative or inhibitive practices. By changing how we think and act we can also influence how we feel.


Hypnotherapy can often work as a very effective adjunct therapy, similar to neurofeedback. This technique involves directing a client’s attention to allow them to familiarise themselves with new perspectives and understandings. This in turn promotes better responses and reactions.

The psychological assessments in Wollongong provided by our team at DFS deliver highly accurate, well-informed reports. Our team of multidisciplinary clinicians are highly skilled and versed in multiple specialities aimed at improving a clients’ understanding of themselves and the world they live in.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment in which our clients can seek transformative intervention and achieve a better quality of life. For compassionate care paired with effective psychological assessments and therapy methods in Wollongong, contact DFS Wollongong today on 1300 197 949.

Types Of Psychological Assessments In Wollongong We Offer

Proven, reliable,evidence-based method for assessments

Our psychological assessments in Wollongong are conducted using a number of proven, evidence-based, and reliable methods. Through these methods our team works to ascertain accurate information about individuals from across their lifespan, ranging from children and adults to the elderly.

We are particularly specialised in:

ADHD Assessments

Our Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessments are tailored to meet the individual needs and considerations of each client.

This assessment process involves behavioural analysis and diagnostic interviews that are each underpinned by DSM-V criteria.

Autism Assessments

Through using a comprehensive array of behavioural assessments, such as occupational therapy assessments incorporating diagnostic interviews, we facilitate clinically robust Autism Assessments.

Guided by DSM-V criteria, all our assessments are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients based on capacity (including Intellectual functioning if required) and are both respectful and calm.

Complex ADHD Assessments

Our complex ADHD assessments involve analysing a client for signs and symptoms of ADD / ADHD, in addition to related conditions such as Autism or Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Our neurodiverse clients encompass both children and adults. Many of these clients express multiple conditions simultaneously, which makes the assessment complex and often requires specialist consideration. Our team offers in-depth knowledge, compassion and understanding within our approach to assessment and intervention.

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We understand how difficult it can be to ask for help but we also know how important it is to seek early intervention for mental health concerns. We know how rewarding and beneficial receiving help can be. The processes of self-improvement, self-reflection, re-processing and self-discovery can be transformative and fulfilling.

Our professional team is committed to being approachable and understanding throughout our work with you. We offer a broad range of psychology services in Wollongong, in a safe, secure environment aimed at engaging each of our clients in holistic therapy. Begin your journey towards recovery and greater happiness by reaching out today.



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