Medico-Legal Reports: Sydney

Where can I get medico-legal reports in Sydney?

Medico-legal reports can be required for a number of reasons and can be obtained from a variety of medical professionals in Sydney. At DFS, we provide medico-legal reports for patients, solicitors, insurers, statutory authorities, employers, police and the courts. These reports are prepared by our therapists in accordance with legal requirements and are produced within a reasonable timeframe.

If you find yourself in need of a medico-legal report for the Family, Civil or Criminal Courts, or to support an insurance claim due to a motor vehicle accident, personal injury, public liability compensation or workers compensation, we can help.

What kind of assessments are available in medico-legal reports?

Sydney-based solicitors, insurers, police and statutory authorities may request medico-legal reports for a range of reasons. These reports are based on a range of assessments, dependent on the kind of claim being made. At DFS, we offer an extensive array of assessments including cognitive and psychometric assessments, PTSD screeners, neuropsychological performance tests and qEEG.

Cognitive assessments

We offer the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS), Weschler Individual Achievement Tests (WIAT), and Weschler Memory Scale (WMS) assessments to evaluate cognitive ability and memory functions in the areas of immediate memory, delayed memory, visual memory, visual working memory and auditory memory.

Psychometric assessment

The Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI) and the Personality Assessment Inventory
(PAI) are useful tools that assess and evaluate an individual’s psychological profile. Results may indicate the presence of psychiatric disorders, psychopathological syndromes and overall patient psychological distress, and can assist professionals and courts to make informed decisions about the welfare of a person.

PTSD Screeners

Structured Interview for PTSD SIP/SI-PTSD is used to assess the symptoms of PTSD and behavioural and survival guilt, in accordance with criteria outlined in DSM-5. The interview is short, non-judgmental, and reports may be produced with approximately 48 hours.

Neuropsychological performance tests

The Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuance performance test (IVA) and Test of Variables of Attention (TOVA) assess both visual and auditory response to stimuli and attention on the same task. These tests provide valuable information about error rates and patterns, response times and impulsivity, and can assist in a diagnosis of ADHD.

Are medico-legal reports required for Sydney-based Workcover claims?

Medico-legal reports may be required for a Sydney-based Workcover claim. Workcover will ask your medical practitioner to provide information about the event that caused your current injury, previous or similar injuries, your capacity to continue working, any recommendations for treatment or therapy moving forward, and rehabilitation and protocols for returning to work if there is no permanent impairment.

If you think you will need a medico-legal report to support your claim, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you. Our team is State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) accredited to provide help with your Workcover and CTP matters.

Can I obtain medico-legal reports for my Sydney client?

Medico-legal report are generally obtained by a person’s representative, particularly in circumstances where a client cannot represent themselves due to illness or disability, are incarcerated, or are otherwise medically unfit at the time. In these circumstances, it’s important that you have permission from the client to obtain a report on their behalf.

We follow appropriate standards and abide by relevant legislation pertaining to the Supreme, State and Federal Courts. We are also accredited to assist with Workcover and CTP related cases.

Clients and their representatives choose to work with us because we strictly follow instructions issued by lawyers and we understand that turn-around is just as important as accuracy. We aim to provide our reports within 48 hours and we are always available for urgent calls from the legal representatives of our clients. Our job is to help you do your job…and we do our job well.

What presentations may require a medico-legal report?

In Sydney, medico-legal reports may be required for individuals, insurers and law firms representing clients who present with concerns such as anger management, anxiety, bereavement, bullying, common assault charges, drink driving (DUI) charges, parenting and family capacity issues, psychological workplace injuries, relationship matters regarding separation, substance dependence and possession, trauma, or a victim of crime.

Once assessments and reports are completed, we can also facilitate therapy plans and psychology services for our clients as part of the process.

When is the right time to get a medico-legal report?

If you or someone you know is facing charges for a crime, it is always more favourable to obtain a medico-legal report before your court date arrives. We realise that this isn’t always possible but seeking assistance sooner rather than later will almost always lead to better outcomes in the long run.

Section 32 of the Criminal Code of Australia relates to procedural fairness when dealing with a person who is suffering from a mental health condition. It has a diversionary purpose in that a magistrate considers the impact on the individual and the community when weighing up the consequences of punishment versus rehabilitation.

In the right circumstances, offering the chance of rehabilitation rather than incarceration could change a person’s life. Obtaining a medico-legal report indicating mental health concerns may make all the difference that you or your client needs.

Call us today to speak to one of our highly qualified professionals about obtaining medico-legal reports for your Sydney-based client, court case or claim.

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