Our Professional Journey

DFS grew out of the need for like-minded practitioners who are enthusiastic and dedicated to their job of helping to support and grow clients into the best they can be. There was recognition for each of our individual clients that not one size fits all. That maybe a combined team approach might better deliver quality services. For instance sometimes face to face talking therapies of a counselling room are best supported by emotional regulation techniques of the occupational therapist when dealing with a traumatized client. Or brain-training and biofeedback to individuals or groups to target peak performance.

We noticed that clients working collaboratively and creatively with our clinical team increased the efficiency of their treatment and so the integrated approach was started. With this, synergy from the modalities have created some of our most unique programs such as cooking and movement classes in groups to encourage social skill development, alpha theta brain training for trauma and mindfulness for health, weight loss and self-esteem. Our models of delivery are bespoke, but always evidence-based.

As our team grows our locations increase but we have mobility and are able to bring our services to home, school, community and workplace settings. We’re a family owned organization but are invested in our team members bringing their projects and dreams into our planning. For instance our social activist focus was inspired from a team member being passionate about bringing baking skills to refugee and marginalized groups, and we consequently sourced kitchens from local cafes and restaurants to run the program who wanted to support the idea. So grew our community integration programs.

All our clinicians are professionally trained, accredited to their registering bodies and committed to ongoing professional standards of excellence.

We’re proud to have you check us out, tell us what you need and give us feedback about what you have experienced when we join with you on your wellness journey.