People Behind Direct Focus Solutions

Dean Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Dean Harrison

Counselling Psychologist

Dean provides psychological assessment and therapy for a range of psychological presentations and mental health conditions. He assists clients in their development of insight, emotional awareness and better communication. Dean's clients learn and apply advanced psychological strategies to resolve difficulties, enhance the quality of relationships and optimise their lives.

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Aoife Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Aoife Ryan

Occupational Therapist

Aoife is an occupational therapist who uses strength-based, neurodevelopmental strategies and approaches to empower our clients and their families. Her focus is on symptoms related to dysregulation and difficulties in daily functioning.

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Serena Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Serena Celestino

Provisional Psychologist

Serena focuses primarily on identifying and treating Autism, ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders (including social and general anxiety), schizoaffective disorder, and depression. She has well-developed patience and communication skills, and is particularly interested in the increase in mental health issues among young adults.

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Sabrina Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Sabrina Leviste

Occupational Therapist

Sabrina is a born and bred “Californian” who is fuelled by a love for body-brain connections. Sabrina has gained experience in complex behaviours linked with neurodevelopmental trauma, sensory processing disorder, and learning delays. She currently works with the neurofeedback team as a consultant.

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Lynette Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Lynette Fane De Salis

Principal Psychologist

Lynette has a broad range of experience in education, corporate, and clinical settings as both a counsellor and a psychologist. Her main focus is with anxiety and depression, but her skill set has expanded to include complex trauma and PTSD.

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Andrew Staff Neurofeedback Biofeedback Technician

Andrew Ireland

Senior Neurofeedback Technician

Andrew is a calm and analytical individual who is intrigued by physical science. He works with Direct Focus Solutions as their senior technician, where he uses neuro and biofeedback to deliver quality individualised and efficient services to all clients.

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Sophie Marriott

Senior Neurofeedback Technician

Sophie has a friendly, open and warm disposition, and wishes to make people feel at ease and not judged. She assists with neurofeedback and other biofeedback therapies here at Direct Focus Solutions.

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Felix Staff Support Worker

Felix Roitour

Neurofeedback Technician

Felix entered the psychology practice in order to better understand people, their motivations and their behaviours. At Direct Focus Solutions, he applies his extensive past and present knowledge to neurofeedback training and assistance, along with occupational therapy and psychology group programs.

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Eliza Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Eliza Munro


Eliza is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with over 13 years of post-graduate experience in therapeutic practice and acute Mental Health, including emergency settings and long-term mental health rehabilitation. She works holistically with the individual, not simply their set of symptoms or diagnoses.

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Michelle Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Michelle Fox


Michelle is a Senior Psychologist with experience in treating depression and anxiety, mending relationships, and has a strong focus on building self-esteem. She has a broad range of experiences in dealing with workplace issues, conflict resolution and counselling.

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Terissa Morgan


Terissa is a warm, engaging and professional who is passionate about working with children and families. She is a Hanen trained speech therapist who holds a current practicing membership with Speech Pathology Australia.

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Jennifer Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

Jennifer Humby

Provisional Psychologist, Hypnotherapist

Jennifer is a friendly and approachable person with a passion for helping maintain people's psychological wellbeing. She is a newcomer in the psychology profession, having previously worked in business administration for a number of years. She also has casual experience as a hypnotherapist.

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Jay Staff Support Worker


Support Worker

Jay proudly joined the industry to meet people that needed assistance with their basic needs. He has experience in supporting individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, as well as autism.

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Kathryn Staff Support Worker

Kathryn Humby


Kathryn is particularly interested in anxiety and its expression across the lifespan from childhood to late adulthood. She uses neurotherapy techniques to help understand mood and developmental disorders within our clients and is also part of our management team.

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