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Speech Therapy: Sydney

Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) is a holistic, multidisciplinary practice offering a range of support services for children and adults, including speech therapy. Sydney is home to several branches of our clinic where we work with both children and adults, to improve their physical and intellectual abilities.

What is Speech Therapy? 

Speech therapy assesses communication issues and speech disorders and utilises speech therapy techniques to improve communication. It is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), who are often called speech therapists. 

The approaches used by speech therapists include articulation therapy, language intervention activities and other techniques depending on the type of speech disorder. Speech therapy is used for children’s speech disorders, or adult speech impairments that are caused by an injury or illness, such as a stroke. 

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How can speech therapy assist you?

  •       Aphasia—Stroke is the most common cause of this disorder, but other brain disorders may cause it. It affects an individual’s ability to speak and understand others.
  •       Articulation disorders—This is an inability to form some word sounds, such as saying “thith” instead of “this”.
  •       Cognitive Communication disorders—An injury to the part of the brain that controls the ability to think may cause multiple difficulties, including memory issues, listening or difficulty speaking. Abnormal brain development, some neurological conditions, a stroke or brain injury may contribute to this issue.
  •       Dysarthria—Most commonly caused by nervous system conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and stroke that cause facial paralysis or weakness in the tongue and throat, the inability to control the muscles required for speech causes slurred or slowed speech.
  •       Expressive disorders—Associated with Down syndrome and hearing loss, an expressive disorder may also result from a head injury. It causes difficulty in expressing information, such as struggling to form accurate sentences.
  •       Fluency disorders—These affect the rhythm, flow and speed of speech and include stuttering and cluttering.
  •       Resonance disorders—A blockage or obstruction of airflow in the oral or nasal cavities affect the vibrations that are responsible for voice quality. These disorders are often associated with neurological disorders, swollen tonsils and cleft palate.
  •       Receptive disorders—People with this disorder have trouble processing and understanding what other people say. It is associated with head injuries, hearing loss and autism.

How do I make a Speech Therapy Appointment at our Sydney clinics?

At Direct Focus Solutions, we want you or your child to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your appointment for speech therapy. Sydney is home to several branches of our clinic around the city, offering convenient locations for you to travel to. Alternatively, you can always schedule a telehealth appointment so that you can speak to us from your home, office or elsewhere. Or, if you can’t get to us, we will do our best to accommodate an appointment at, for example, your child’s school, the local park, in your home or another location.  Whatever we can do to make your speech therapy appointment happen, we will try to do. 

Appointments for Speech Therapy in Sydney Schools

Our highly experienced and qualified speech therapists offer speech therapy appointments in many Sydney schools. This is a convenient way for school students to see speech therapists regularly without parents needing to make appointments outside of school time. With many schools frowning upon or disallowing attendance at regular appointments during school time, after school speech therapy appointments at many Sydney clinics fill up fast. A school-based approach is a great alternative option. 

Call to chat to one of our friendly staff to find out which schools our speech therapist visit. To organise a speech therapy program at your Sydney school, call us today. 

What happens at a speech therapy appointment?

The first step is an assessment by a speech therapist to identify the type of communication disorder causing the problem, and then establishing a program to improve it. 

Depending on the nature of the disorder, speech therapy for children may take place on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or a classroom. Activities and exercises vary according to your child’s needs, age and specific disorder but may include using books, pictures and other activities to stimulate language development through playing and talking. 

For adults, therapy may include retraining of different functionssuch as, the swallowing function if this has been impaired by a medical condition or injury. Exercises are used for a variety of situations to help with cognitive communication, language and speech, to strengthen oral muscles and for resonance.  

There are plenty of resources available to continue with your speech therapy at home, including apps and workbooks, which your speech therapist will discuss with you. 

Communication issues can be frustrating for the person with a speech therapy issue, as well as those around them

How we can help with Speech Therapy in Sydney

One in seven Australians experiences communication disability in their lifetime, according to Scope. Communication issues can be frustrating for the person with the issue, as well as those around them. However, confidence can always be improved and lead to happier work, school and personal relationships. 

DFS offers holistic services in a multidisciplinary setting, assisting children and adults, as well as people with disabilities through evidence-based solutions to their speech issue. For a tailor-made approach to speech therapy, call our Sydney clinic to talk to our speech therapists, who recognise that everybody has different needs and issues. Schedule an appointment with one of our offices or via our telehealth services to unlock you or your child’s communication problems today. 

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