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As a multidisciplinary practice, Direct Focus Solutions provides a team-based environment at each of our clinics within the Greater Sydney and Wollongong regions. We are always seeking highly motivated individuals to join our team of professionals on a casual or full-time basis.

We provide services and support to a wide range of clients across their lifespan, striving to make a positive impact and genuine difference in their lives. Our team offers a range of services, including:

Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Social Work
Behaviour Support
Neurofeedback Training
Our Support Worker and Therapy Assistant program also assists our clinicians both within our clinics and in the broader community.

Are you a self-motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate individual? Are you wanting to support clients and enhance the quality of outcomes they achieve? We would love to hear more about you if you… please fill out the form below.

Word document and PDF files under 2MB are accepted.


Provisional Psychologist:

Direct Focus Solutions has a number of staff who are APRA registered psychologists. These psychologists act as supervisors for allied health students (provisional psychologists.) We provide weekly psychological supervision, simulated client contact and skill acquisition activities, close observation of the student with real clients, student assessment and review (case reports, practice documents, etc.).   It is probably safe to mention also that we are keen on training new staff on an ongoing basis by partnering them with more experienced colleagues.

Business Management Students:

Through our Business Integration Initiative, DFS works closely with local schools and colleges to provide the opportunity for MBA students (the majority of which are from abroad) to have experience working in a real business based in Australia. Each student has a small role within a real project and should gain an understanding about how our business is run by the end of their 12-week period.  In return, we will be provided the opportunity to work with new faces with fresh ideas, and perhaps even be afforded the opportunity to add the right person to our team.

OT Students:

Look out for our OT Student Intern Placement coming Soon

Workplace Integration

Business Integration Initiative:

The Business Integration Initiative incorporates a performance enhancement approach in partnership with community business stakeholders that allows individuals to personally and professionally succeed in all parts of their life. The initiative is an intensive approach incorporating assessment, goal setting, and take-home strategies. This is supported by an integrated network including health and wellbeing practitioners, small businesses, and significant others (family/friends).

The Business Integration Initiative is an individually-tailored program that includes opportunity for employment, and participation in project development whilst receiving access to health and wellbeing support. A tentative program outline typically includes:

These Topics include:

• Assessment and review
• Weekly/fortnightly catchups with support worker
• Professional development and training opportunities with participating business
• Fortnightly project coordinator check ins
• Weekly participating business review
• Psychological strategies
• Supported skills development and exposure therapy
• Weekly Neurofeedback therapy (2 sessions per week.)

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