Employee Assistance Programs

Multiple issues can undermine the functioning of a workplace. For example,  poor performance from a staff member may originate from their situational stress or mental health issues, staff conflict, or even a distressing event that has happened to a team member or customer. Our team at Direct Focus solutions has created a workplace product designed to support your productivity and staff management under these circumstances. This may include a personally customised Employee Assistance Program (EAP) using several different support strategies.

EAP Support Strategies

Counselling support: Is a staff member is struggling with life stress? This may involve the death of one of their family members, a relationship difficulty or even bouts of anxiety. If so, their emotional well-being has been undermined. Our skilful counselling professionals are helpful in this situation by providing short term and effective, support strategies.

Critical incident debriefing and support: Has a customer been injured in a car park your staff attend? Has one of your core team members had a cancer diagnosis and the emotional ripples are rolling out? Support may be provided through a critical incident intervention. Our team can help provide individual and group ‘psychological first-aid’ which can normalise what is being experienced. We can also provide strategies to help manage stress and trauma symptoms, including follow-ups with individuals and management.

Mediation: Any team experiencing ongoing conflict or tension will be less efficient, productive and profitable. Our nationally accredited work place mediator can conduct preliminary interviews with all parties and will assess whether or not mediation is the most appropriate method for dealing with an issue. Mediation is a well-researched and tested process that enables those involved to have their needs and concerns clearly listened to and understood, along with those of others. During mediation, key issues will be clarified and different options explored. A solution that is practicable, measurable, and acceptable to all parties is worked out by the participants themselves.

Staff Development and Education Programs

Prevention is often the best way to avoid potential upsets. That is why accessing some our staff development and educational programs will help skill up your workplace. The following are examples:

Managing Staff Mental Health – Has a staff member recently started to display absenteeism and a lack of performance? Have they suddenly developed mood swings and irritability? If so, you may be dealing with an individual who has developed a mental health disorder. Our program can help you to identify (not diagnose) when this might be the case, teach you how to raise the issue, and how to manage it with your staff member.

How to Understand and Manage your Team – We offer professional development to more effectively understand and manage your team. This includes assessment tools such as DISC which help to identify differing personality and interpersonal relating styles in your workplace.

How to Shift Stress – You may have a deadline-driven workplace that creates continual stress for your staff. If that is the case, our ‘Stress Busters’ program can be timely. We can teach your staff how to use movements such as side bends at their desks that massage overworked adrenal glands, and the benefits of negatively ionised air to help enhance serotonin uptake.

Brain Training to Maximise Performance – In your workplace we can test the benefits of biofeedback, neurofeedback and heart rate variability, which can help staff and managers to be the best they can be.

Our Direct focus Solutions team can provide a comprehensive, bespoke or one-off service that best suits your EAP needs. As your EAP provider, consultancy and support will be professionally and sensitively given. Whether it be one on one counselling, professional development, helping to understand mental health issues or providing critical incident debriefing, Contact us at:

info@directfocussolutions.com.au or on 02 9190 6937 to speak to Lyne or Dominic.