Learning to be Assertive


Learning to be an assertive communicator can be immensely valuable in your daily life. Assertiveness can provide an alternative pathway to communicate your needs, and help to preserve your dignity, respect, and wellbeing in the face of adversity or confronting situations.

Our Kickstart program “Learning to be more assertive” will help you to gain insight into your current communication style, and how it has come to be. By understanding your learned behaviours, we can help you to take control of dialogue and change the flow to improve your mental wellbeing.

This program will focus on subjects such as:

  • The characteristics of assertive communication.
  • Modelling assertive behaviour with someone who is passive, passive-aggressive or manipulative.
  • Assertiveness in conflict situations or difficult conversations.
  • Understanding body language.
  • Handling criticism from others.
  • How to say “No.”

And much more!

Kickstart your mental health by learning to be more assertive, today!