Cooking Classes


Direct Focus Solutions proudly presents “Ready, Spaghetti, Cook!”

These cooking classes are designed to not only teach participants how to cook, but to help build foundational skills for interacting in groups and the wider community. Classes are hosted by Jay, our professional chef, who teaches participants how to cook simple and delicious recipies. Everyone who participates will also get a copy of the week’s recipe, so they can try cooking it themselves at home!

Each session supports participants in their development of key skills which include, but are not limited to:

  • Cooking.
  • Social integration, interaction and relationships.
  • Overall team-building skills.
  • Self-regulation.
  • Sensory integration.
  • Life skills.

Classes are now held online via Zoom every Monday at 4pm AEST!

For more information, or to express an interest in joining us, please contact:

We hope to see you there!