Safe Manual Handling

Manual handling is a very common practice in any home or work environment. It involves any activity that includes lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, holding, or restraining something, especially if it is large, heavy, or awkward [...]

How do I know I’m succeeding?

Success is an interesting concept to evaluate. After all, our ideas of success are profoundly influenced by the societies in which we live. In Western democracies, we tend to equate success in largely monetary ways: [...]


Undertaking some amount of daily exercise can have enormous benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing. It can help to promote your balance, coordination and motor skills, improve the strength of your heart and lungs, [...]


When you feel homesick, you may experience feelings of loneliness, anxiety, grief, depression, sadness or withdrawal, all while having a longing for nostalgia. Homesickness is common when you are separated from your home environment or [...]

Personal Productivity

A common cause of work-related stress is feeling that you are being non-productive. It’s unrealistic to presume that you’ll be productive every moment of your workday. Trying to adhere to such an impossible expectation is [...]

Coping in a Shared House

A very real (but less talked-about) aspect of contemporary life involves the increasing prevalence of people living in shared accommodation. A lack of affordable housing, wage stagnation, higher cost of living, and growing inequality between [...]

Keeping Active at Work

Many Australians express a desire to become healthier and adopt more active behaviours in their daily routines. The nature of the modern workplace can sometimes make this a rather challenging prospect! Long periods of sitting [...]

Meeting People and Making Friends

As a child or teenager, friendships have a tendency to form spontaneously. As adults, it can be much harder for friendships to form as organically. They often require a little more effort to develop! In [...]


Some of us just seem to have a tendency to procrastinate on our tasks. It’s an issue that we all face sometimes. However, it would be incorrect to attribute procrastination with laziness, poor time management, [...]

Toxic Masculinity

In recent years, the term “Toxic Masculinity” has spread beyond the academic discussions of sociology and gender studies and into the wider public. But what exactly does it mean, and what can you learn from [...]

Challenging Friendships

The misconceptions we hold about others can often put strain on all relationships. The same is true about friendship. It has been noted that people’s expectations of friendship change drastically over time and context. What [...]

Good Posture at Work

With present circumstances requiring more people than ever to work from home, there’s no better time to discuss the importance of maintaining healthy posture while at work. Objectively, many of us will be spending the [...]

Going Further Together

It’s time to address a big “elephant in the room” for Australian culture: the perceived stigma of seeking help for mental health issues. For many Australians, there’s a deep-seated, unspoken assumption that we’re meant to [...]

Mental Health Breaks

Have you given yourself a mental health break today? If you find yourself having to think about it, the chances are that you probably haven’t! The definition of a mental health break really depends on [...]

Children’s Social Development

Social development is of paramount importance for the healthy growth of a child. Children begin their journey towards fluent communication from a very young age: some even argue that the process begins before they’re even [...]

Work-life Balance

Unquestionably, covid-19 has highlighted in both the media and popular consciousness, the state of contemporary work-life balance. We have a rekindled interest in questions such as “Should I be allowed to be contacted outside of [...]

Finding your passions

A frequent sign of depression is a loss of interest in the things that you formerly loved doing. The amount devotion that individuals apply to their interests and passions can help to promote strong, healthy [...]

Large Gatherings

Recent events have given Australians a strong reminder of the importance of social justice and of the continual march for equality in our country. We would like to remind our clients to keep safe when [...]

Educational Programs

Direct Focus Solutions is pleased to announce a new forthcoming aspect of our website: Educational Programs! In the near future, we will host several informative pages that will provide tips on how to address a [...]


Have recent events left you feeling a bit aimless? Without direction? Blasé? Like a ship without a rudder? When facing the unknown and uncertain, it’s only natural that you might feel this way. It’s very [...]


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is classified as a neuro-developmental disorder. ASD is perhaps best known for its impact upon a person’s behaviour and interests, and well as their ability to communicate and interact socially. While [...]

Work Culture

Human beings have a remarkable capacity to accept change. It may not seem like it, but the last few decades have seen some of the biggest societal changes in human history: mass media and communications, [...]


ADD and ADHD can sometimes be difficult for people to parse. Today we aim to help you understand these conditions a little better. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is typically categorised by inattention, preoccupation and a [...]

Online Bookings

At Direct Focus Solutions, we are working hard to expand our online services so we can better assist you in these difficult times. We have already adapted our counselling, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, and many other [...]

PTSD & Trauma

If you have ever been exposed to an event that posed a legitimate threat to your life (serious injury, violence or potentially death) there is a chance that you have developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD.) [...]

Cooking Group

Happy Monday, everybody! At Direct Focus Solutions we’re continuing to implement our remote services in creative and interesting ways. As an example, I’d like to draw your attention to the fantastic work done by Jay, [...]

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an essential component of our organisation. But what does an occupational therapist do? In essence, they help to support your mental health and wellbeing by analysing and removing the barriers that impede [...]

Anger management

Everybody gets angry on occasion! Anger is a perfectly normal emotional response to a variety of situations, such as when you feel hurt, frustrated, or afraid. The scale and severity of anger differs greatly from [...]


An addiction is the habitual engagement in an activity, or consumption of a substance, that negatively impacts a person’s physical and/or emotional wellbeing. Many addictions form as a makeshift coping mechanism to escape adverse conditions [...]


Depression is a very common condition and will likely affect you or a loved one at some point during their lives. Depression does not discriminate: It affects people of all walks of life and social [...]


During everyday life, people will commonly feel anxious about a variety of things. For example, stressful situations like exams, job interviews, important meetings or big upcoming changes. These are normal, healthy feelings that we all [...]


It’s not unusual for all of us to feel stressed during our daily lives. In fact, it’s very common! For example: thinking about our jobs or financial situation, about whether we’ve studied enough, about our [...]


It’s important to have hobbies that allow you to relax, de-stress and enjoy yourself outside of work hours. For many people however, their preferred hobbies require them to spend their time at specific external locations [...]


If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’re likely aware that governments around the world have been interested in expanding the telehealth capacities of their respective health sectors. For many of us, this is [...]

The benefits of pets

It has long been known that pet ownership has a positive correlation with one’s psychical and mental health. Pet owners have been shown in clinical studies to benefit from reduced anxiety, stress and depression. In [...]

Mental health during self-isolation

During times such as these, it can often seem difficult to keep your mental fortitude and morale up. You might feel dispirited or lonely, or perhaps even blasé or dejected; for yourself, others or even [...]