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Master of Social Work, Master and Bachelor (Honours) in Child Development and Family Relations

Tamanna Rahman

Behaviour Support Specialist / Social Worker


Tamanna is a qualified Social Worker with full AASW membership. She applies a holistic approach to her work while collaborating with individuals, their families, and service providers. She strongly believes that everyone deserves opportunities to succeed and that everyone has unique personal strengths.

She is very passionate about supporting individuals with complex support needs or from difficult-to-reach communities. Tamanna is an open minded, very friendly and naturally empathetic person. She always enjoys learning from other individuals and professionals. During her free time, Tamanna offers voluntary capacity building supports to individuals and services.


Tamanna’s practice approach demonstrates holistic observation of any given situation. This includes, but is not limited to: Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Person-Centred Approach, Psychosocial theory, and Family Therapy. She assists clients with engagement and trust issues, multiple disabilities, and complex support needs.


Before her social work placements began, Tamanna had no idea what career pathway would be best for her. She considers herself fortunate that both of her work placements were disability focused and that she got to challenge myself and develop her self-confidence and personal skills to grow further as a practitioner. After finishing her Social Work degree, she worked as an in home family support worker for a year. After this, she took on a role as an NDIS Support Coordinator / Specialist Support Coordinator to help support people with complex support needs, including multiple disabilities and severe mental health issues. Tamanna later accepted a position as a Connection Coordinator to better support people in hard to reach communities. Here she played a significant role in building NDIS awareness in rural and remote areas. During this time she worked closely with a UNSW research team and was able to build strong connections with many homeless people and different services throughout NSW.

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