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Sophie Marriott

Senior Neurofeedback Technician


Sophie has a friendly, open and warm disposition, and wishes to make people feel at ease and not judged. She sees the strengths and potential in everyone and hopes to bring humour, hope, and positivity to our clients. Sophie has achieved an Honours Degree in Biology, and diplomas in personal training, nutritional advising and foundational homeopathy. She is also a certified yoga teacher, mind-body eating coach, and has BCIA EEG neurofeedback certification.


  • SMR Neurofeedback
  • Alpha/Theta Training
  • Heart Rate Variability Training


Sophie took an interesting path after university; choosing to follow her heart. For example, she worked with many different animals across Africa including Chimpanzees at Jane Goodall’s Chimp Sanctuary. She also had one-on-one time with a Yogi up a mountain in India and fasted in the Sacred Valley of Peru with a shaman. As well as quenching her thirst for all things philosophical, during this time Sophie developed a deeper interest in human psychology. She developed a clearer desire to help others achieve the peace and contentment she now found within herself.

Before her ventures abroad, she worked as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor. This furthered her knowledge of the human body, health, and nutrition. However, she always knew she wanted to work with clients on a much deeper level. She gained a yoga teaching qualification, dipped her toes in homeopathy and meditation, and also became a qualified Mind Body Eating Coach. This satisfied her innate understandings on how we must look after ourselves on all levels to be truly healthy in every sense of the word.

Working with neurofeedback and other biofeedback therapies here is a dream come true for Sophie, as it brings together much of what she loves and believes about using the right amount of science, safely, to help ourselves heal ourselves from the inside out.

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