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Kingsford, Wollongong, Norwest



BS in Biopsychology, Master’s in Occupational Therapy

Sabrina Leviste

Occupational Therapist


Originally from the United States, Sabrina is a born and bred “Californian.” She is fuelled by a love for the connections between the body and the brain. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, she spent two years working as a behavioural interventionist (BI) for children with autism. As a BI, Sabrina discovered occupational therapists in the same field doing different work whilst achieving excellent results. The impact of occupational therapy on neurodevelopment and behaviours inspired her. As a result, she achieved a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy at the University of Sydney in Australia. Sabrina now calls beautiful Australia her home.


Sabrina utilises a neurodevelopmental approach in her therapeutic process. This involves several treatments for children and adults experiencing symptoms related to dysregulation or trouble functioning in daily activities. These include:

  • Strategies for development and attachment
  • Therapeutic Listening-Vital Links
  • Wilbarger therapressure protocol for treatment of sensory defensiveness
  • Integration of primitive reflexes from a movement-based approach
  • Co-OP approach for coordination difficulties or dyspraxia


Over the last five years, Sabrina has gained experience in complex behaviours linked with neurodevelopmental trauma, sensory processing disorder, and learning delays. She currently works closely with the neurofeedback team as a consultant, and to help enhance the benefits of brain training for both children and adults.

Although she seeks continual professional development, Sabrina aims to use her skills to build a better community. Her previous experience as a baker and her love for the body and movement have led her to find innovative ways to integrate people into the community. This includes our group programs “A Recipe for Social Skilling” and “Coordination and Stability” which are also used as a platform for social and vocational skilling. When possible, Sabrina finds it essential to work within a team collaboratively in order to maximise the brain and body connections of her clients.

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