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NDIS worker trained, CPR & First Aid, Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)

Romilly Eggins

Support Worker


Romilly is a very motivated person who has a strong passion for both her role as a support worker, as well as her university degree, which emerged from her desire to take action and improve the lives of others from the frontline. When she isn’t working or studying, Romilly enjoys spending time researching techniques to use in her work. She also partakes in competitive cheerleading as part of her university team, and also enjoys doing embroidery and hanging out with her partner.


Romilly employs a non-judgmental approach to support work: She understands that we each come from different walks of life and have had different experiences as individuals. As a support worker, Romilly strives to bring openness and understanding to her work every day. She respects and encourages the independence of everyone she works with, and enjoys learning about, and paying respect to, all systems of belief, lifestyles and cultures. Whenever stressful, upsetting or overwhelming feelings arise, Romilly listens to the concerns of her client and helps them to unpack how they’re feeling. She provides gentle verbal support to encourage clients to brainstorm appropriate remedies to their concerns in a calm and caring manner.


Romilly is an emerging worker in the social services and criminal justice fields. She is currently studying university degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice, as well as social work. Romilly grew up in a rural and largely disadvantaged community within a single parent household. Her experiences have enabled her to witness many forms of adversity that arise as a result of intersectionality within our society. Romilly began working as a support worker in early 2021 and now works with a wide variety of people. She is thrilled to have discovered her passion in life and looks forward to continuing to develop her job skills and knowledge from her studies.

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