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BA (Psych/Phil), Post Grad Dip Sc Psych

Rebecca Mallia-Blanco

Senior Psychologist


Rebecca is a senior psychologist with over 20 years experience in providing therapeutic interventions to clients with mental illness and brain injury. She has worked with both children and adults presenting ADHD and ODD. Rebecca is passionate about helping people and maintains a direct, energetic and strategic approach to her work. She accepts her clients unconditionally and is dedicated to their empowerment and wellbeing. The ability to communicate concepts clearly to clients is a source of pride for her.

Rebecca is the mother of three children, including a set of twins. These experiences have boosted her confidence to tackle life head-on and she remains ever optimistic in the face of adversity. Rebecca often uses her life lessons to help her clients move forward. She always looks forward to further opportunities to help people the best way she can.


Rebecca assists both adults and children with a range of issues. This includes depression, anxiety, and complex PTSD. She is developing a specialisation in working with children and adults presenting ADHD and ODD, in addition to children with challenging behaviours. Furthermore, Rebecca can provide assistance with stress, brain injury, stroke, relationship difficulties, employment issues, visa issues, exposure to critical incidents and trauma, grief and loss, sleeping difficulties, return to work plans and assessments, learning to cope and live with mental illnesses, and familial stress.


Rebecca began her career in organisational psychology by developing assessment centres and undertaking volume recruitment for Aldi and Westpac. This vocational focus drove her dedication to undertaking complex case management with the view to helping people improve their lives. Rebecca has specialised in brain injury and stroke vocational rehabilitation. She has also led a team of allied health professionals to assist clients with mental illness and physical injuries back towards suitable and sustainable work

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