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Reah-Anne Wiggins

Support Worker


Reah is a mother of six and lives in a blended family. These rewarding experiences allow her to remain constantly up-to-date on social levels both younger and older. Reah’s children, now young adults, have been a constant source of learning, giving, caring and growth for her. Community is very important to her and she strives to be involved on many levels. She is a member of the Red Cross and has run a seasonal clothing drive for homeless women over the last 4 years. Reah believes these community supports are rewarding and enable her to keep in touch with the needs of her community.

Reah enjoys yoga, cooking, and event coordinating and fundraising for her car club. She also has a strong love for animals of all kinds. Becoming a support carer seemed to be a natural progression for her. This is because she enjoys helping, motivating and supporting people of all ages. Having recently lost her father to dementia, Reah has become acutely aware of the isolation carers can feel.  She believes the community needs greater awareness of this issue.

She has a wide variety of qualifications. These include beautician and massage therapy, skin consultation, and being a makeup artist. These allow her to help others with their personal grooming and body hygiene.


Creating a calm and welcoming environment is vitally important to Reah. She strongly believes in listening and acting on a client’s needs and requests to help build self-confidence in their decision making. She aims to build lasting foundations for clients’ personal growth, domestic and social skills; thereby developing their autonomy, independence, and confidence. Her awareness of dementia has also allowed her to better understand the support needs of both clients and their carers in a positive light.

Reah has only recently joined the field but is already partnering with a number of clients, such as a young man who was recently paralysed through an accident. In this case, her massage, manicure, and pedicure skills have already come into play during his ongoing care. Reah also maintains a deep respect and interest in individuals with Down Syndrome, recognising them for the beautiful and giving people they are in our community. She has also expressed an interest in neurofeedback therapy as her brother is a stroke victim and has gained positive outcomes through this therapy. In the future, she hopes to train in assisting stroke victims, and people with debilitating phobias, fears, and eating disorders.


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