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Neurofeedback Therapy Training, B. Psychology (Honours) / B. Law (in progress)

Meher Mehta

Neurofeedback Technician


Meher initially studied psychology in order to better understand how human beings relate to one another. Her particular interest lay in how generational change impacted upon young people’s self-awareness and self-concept.

Meher’s interest in the mind-body connection grew from her keen interest in the restorative nature of activities such as Pilates and Yoga, especially in how they may help to stabilise mood. These understandings inspired her to study health psychology subjects, where she learned of the cyclical relationship between anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Meher also gained an understanding of neuropsychology, wherein she investigated the complex relationship between mental health disorders and neurochemistry. From her studies, Meher became a passionate for the use of Neurofeedback in supplementing counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as support work, to make therapy more individualised and holistic.


Meher uses a collaborative approach to Neurofeedback training that involves regular reviews with her clients and adjusting their training protocols to be the most workable for their current circumstances. No matter the stage of Neurofeedback, whether it be initial assessment, ongoing training, or a progress review, Meher endeavours to be a friendly face and advocate for her clients so that they may feel heard and supported.


Meher believes that each client has a unique journey that leads them to pursue Neurofeedback therapy. She also understands that some clients may initially be apprehensive about undertaking their NFT training. However, Meher is more than happy to ease these anxieties through her extensive experience working with clients of all ages and connecting with them.

Meher’s interest in psychology began in early secondary school, after her own experiences with bullying and the ability of counselling to improve one’s self-concept and self-esteem. She has had diverse experiences in supporting vulnerable people within community legal centres, as well as through worker’s compensation. After observing the unpredictable and multifaceted impact of disability on wellbeing within worker’s compensation, Meher was led to Direct Focus Solutions as she admired their multidisciplinary approach to physical and mental health. Meher aims to utilise both her psychology degree and her law degree to help bridge the gap between mental health and the law, as well as to improve access to mental health services within the forensic setting.

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