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Kingsford, Wollongong


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Bachelor Of Psychology (Honours 1), MAPS

Lynette Fane De Salis

Principal Psychologist


Lynette has a broad range of experience in education, corporate, and clinical settings as both a counsellor and a psychologist. She finds it to be very satisfying work as she feels invigorated by the courage and perseverance of others. Lynette believes that her main role in our practice to is to empower our clients by best equipping them for their present situation, as well as increasing their sense of value and worth as a person. She works hard with our clients and is respectful of their circumstances, and is forever excited in tracking their progress with them on their counselling journey.

As she is a parent of six children, she also thoroughly understands the importance of her role as both a partner and mother. Like many others, Lynette has found herself racing to skill up in both of these roles, especially when life has proven challenging.  If she doesn’t know something, she will research it thoroughly. Due to this, she has found that her learning and growth as a psychologist will never be finished.


Lynette performs ‘talking’ therapy, wherein a client gets to tell their life story, their ups and downs and what they need in order to negotiate a particular struggle or stressful situation. She uses projective techniques to gain a perspective of her client, such as ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Tree of Life.’ She then utilises the cognitive and emotional grounding strategies from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Mindfulness as part of her treatments. For stress management, Lynette often incorporates Progressive Relaxation techniques with breathing exercises as they prove to be great circuit breakers.  In addition, she uses biofeedback combined with neurofeedback training for acute trauma, long term depression and developmental issues such as ADHD, autism and learning difficulties.


Lynette has spent over two decades as a counsellor and psychologist. The main focus of her work was with anxiety and depression issues, but her skill set has increased as she learned to deal with complex trauma and PTSD. Lynette has worked, and continues to work with, those who have been sexually, emotionally and physically abused as children; a sadly long journey to recovery. For this reason she has needed to equip them with techniques that best support the safe recovery of memories. Similarly, Lynette has worked with war veterans and helped with their resultant PTSD to establish lives for them that are not lived in hyper vigilance.

Her other key focus has been to work with post-natal depression and to build support for the hormonal effects on mood for women.

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