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Luis Castro

Support Worker Lead


Luis loves cycling; his favourite outdoor activity. Over the years, he has also realised he is an excellent walker, and will be happy to join you on any stroll you take. Luis considers himself a decent cook; He loves homemade food and chatting about life while cooking.

Luis decided to become a support worker in order to develop a deeper knowledge of clients and their needs, along with approaches to help address them. He aims to apply this knowledge with clients back in his home county. Luis has recently swapped the hustle and bustle of Sydney life for the peaceful and friendly air of Bathurst and the Central West. He is currently enjoying his new life on the other side of the hill. Luis’ greatest motivation is his big family, who he feels especially proud of.


Luis adopts a person-centred approach in his support, with a focus on active listening. He is also well-versed in counselling practice and utilising systemic, therapeutic approaches. Of note, Luis also has adopted the use of Lego bricks for building social skills with certain clients.


Luis has experience working with clients requiring greater mental health support and skills development in social interaction. He has previously obtained a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Human System Intervention.

Luis additionally has training in first aid, basic emergency life support, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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