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Kate Newcombe

Support Worker


Kate is a bubbly, caring and positive individual who has a very optimistic outlook on life in general. She is the mother of two young children and understands how full and busy one’s life can get. Being flexible and patient are two integral skills that Kate puts into practice regularly.


Kate understands that every person is on their own unique journey, and so implements a client-centred approach that caters to the individual and their own distinct set of needs. She strives to help identify and build upon the strengths that each individual possesses. Kate understands that a multitude of factors contribute to a person’s unique situation, so she always incorporates basic needs into her work; such as nutrition, physical activity, adequate rest and time in nature. She believes that these factors, among other things such as gratitude, creativity, connection and laughter, all provide the basic building blocks in assisting individuals to flourish.


Kate has experience in working alongside individuals presenting a wide range of intellectual and physical disabilities. She is currently undertaking an honours year (Bachelor of Psychology.)

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