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Advanced Diploma Human Resources, Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management

Josiane Costa

Support Worker


Josiane believes that whenever people are facing a hard time due to their disabilities or inability to self-regulate, may they be inadvertently postponing the development of important goals and experiences. This can potentially lead to the development of negative psychological or physical consequences. From her personal experience, she has observed these consequences being reflected within the family environment, individual’s close relationships, as well as their social lives.

Ever since she first gained these understandings, Josiane has been thinking about how she could help others develop the skills needed to be able to take care of themselves and help support their growth into the future. She finds that Support Work is incredibly satisfying work as it allowed her to turn these thoughts into reality. Josiane believes that there is nothing better than seeing the people you support achieving things that they have always wanted to do.


Josiane believes that the first and most important of all techniques is to see their client as an individual and unique human being, with singular characteristics, expectations, and limitations. Each of the above needs to be respected and taken into account during support services. Throughout her work, Josiane characterises her main strengths as being gentle, yet firm whenever it is required.


Josiane’s professional background focuses on improving an individual’s behavior, competencies, or skills management. She has over 20 years of experience working in different industries and across a wide range of developments.

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