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Kingsford, Wollongong



Jen Ferry

Support Worker


Jen is a qualified NDIS Support Worker, mother, wife, and carer from the Hills District.  She is also a travel agent by trade and owns their own business based in Kellyville. Her experiences over the last year have prompted her to learn more ways to support others and her local community. Jen loves being able to send her clients all over Australia and the world, as it allows them to enjoy many different experiences. She believes that now is the best time to eat different foods, study different cultures and customs, or even to listen to music from other countries. She is a firm believer that this broadens one’s knowledge of the world.


Jen is a very understanding, patient and caring person who is willing to learn about the needs of those living with any condition or injury. She is a firm believer that everyone’s story and circumstances are different, and that learning how best to care and support each person individually is paramount. Jen wants to work with a variety of different people, including the elderly, people of middle age, as well as children. She loves meeting new people, understanding their needs, and helping to improve their lives as best she can. Jen has had years of care work experience, both paid and in caring for friends and members of her own family.


Jen has an excellent understanding of the needs of diabetics within our community. Two of her own children have had Type 1 diabetes for several years. She has also spent many years undertaking a cancer journey, as she has been the parent of a child with Leukaemia. This has given her firsthand experience with long-term and chronic medical conditions, particularly the pressures and needs of those living with them. Jen is also very familiar with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke recovery and mental illness. She has had personal experiences with each of these in turn.

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