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Kingsford, Wollongong



CPI (Crisis Prevention Institute) Training Instructor, Cert IV Hospitality Management

Jay Montgomery

Program Manager


Jay proudly joined the industry to meet people that needed assistance with their basic needs. He enjoys being able to help them grow as human beings, as well as offering practical support for whatever best suits a client’s current situation.

Jay is motivated by collaborating with people intending to make positive changes to better themselves as well as their communities. He enjoys being able to help people who haven’t found their path yet as he can assist them on that journey.

He believes that everyone has their own special gifts in life. The key lies in helping one unlock their potential and getting them to believe in themselves. Jay has found his time in the industry to be enjoyable and he looks forward to the future. In particular, he hopes to assist others in pursuing interests related to his skill sets: cooking and sports.


Jay’s approach involves initially meeting a client to simply observe their behaviour. This allows clients to feel out his energy and presence, as well as helping to build mutual connections. Jay enjoys listening to and learning about people. From thereafter he tries to figure out the best approach to move forward with them.

Jay has no particular preference for who he works with. He feels happy to work with anyone so long as he feels he possesses the required skills to help them depending on the type of support or care work that’s required.


Jay has experience in supporting individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, Autism, or people with high needs. His means of support are focused on enhancing social engagement through individual activities as well as group communities. Jay is also a qualified chef, with a commercial cookery management certificate 4.

For Jay, it’s important for his clients to feel heard. This is why he helps to accommodate not just the individual client and their needs, but also their extended family and anyone with relationships associated with the client. This process assists clients in forming new relationships within the wider community, along with helping them to build up the preexisting networks surrounding them. Jay especially understands that the best outcome for his clients requires him to provide support to their primary carers.

Jay is proud to work closely with the clinical team at Direct Focus Solutions, as well as stakeholders in the local community, in order to enhance different support services. His overall goal is to make the lives of those who may be struggling a little easier.

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