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Bachelor of Psychology Science, Diploma of Counselling

Felix Roitour

Neurofeedback Technician


Felix entered the psychology practice in order to better understand people, their motivations and their behaviours. He enjoys researching neuropsychological interventions because he believes that how our brains work explains so much of what we do. Felix has a passion for his work, and he considers the understanding, study and appreciation of human behaviours a lifelong endeavour.

Felix’s approach to work involves providing a non-judgmental and supportive environment, where each client feels respected and valued. His goal is for each client to ultimately leave in a far better state than when they came in. He enjoys working with anyone, regardless of whether they face multiple difficulties or only one.


  • Neurofeedback Training
  • Heart Rate Variability Training
  • Coordination and Stability – Movement Program
  • Social Skilling Program


Felix first became interested in the field during secondary school when one of his family members was trained in psychodynamic therapy. After school, he went on to study both psychology and counselling and found himself greatly interested in neuropsychology and how the body and mind work together. This also closely relates to the body-mind core of his martial arts background, from which he continues to draw patience and discipline from to this day. Felix is rather hands-on in his spare time, enjoying getting into the mix of things, solving problems, fixing technology, and messing around with mechanical things. He also enjoys implementing his own experimental and custom work. At Direct Focus Solutions, Felix applies his extensive past and present knowledge to neurofeedback training and assistance, along with occupational therapy and psychology group programs.

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