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Elizabeth Grace-Wilson

Support Worker


Elizabeth is an open-minded, kind and caring individual who loves to learn about others. As a mother to two very different yet independent and confident boys, she continues to grow and learn. Being a mother has taught her much about multitasking and problem-solving. She has learned that the saying: “There is more than one way to skin a cat” is certainly very applicable.

As a massage therapist, Elizabeth sees the positive effect her work has on the body and mind. She understands that a person’s problems and needs are unique to them and treats them as such. In her early career, Elizabeth worked in retail as a store manager in various areas of the retail industry. She has also been a finance manager in a small, professional company. Because she has long enjoyed working with people, becoming a support worker seemed to be a natural progression for her. It motivates her to know that she is doing something that benefits and helps to empower others.

In her spare time, Elizabeth loves to paint, sew and make things with her hands. She likes cooking, especially when making gingerbread houses and iced cookies. She also enjoys being outside and active, either riding her bike or walking about. Lastly, Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for mindful meditation and its positive outcomes.


As a support worker, Elizabeth focuses largely on getting to know her client: Who are they? What are their goals? How can she assist them? She aims to be fully present when working with them; listening intently and finding out what they expect from her as a support worker. She always hopes her clients will feel comfortable and confident enough to trust her. Elizabeth also works to keep an open mind: Being respectful of her client’s choices and space and is always willing to learn new things in order to help them grow.

As a massage specialist, Elizabeth is also able to aid with muscle stimulation, spasms, circulation and stretching.


As she is new to support work, Elizabeth is eager to gain more experience. In particular, she wants to work with clients who have Hoarding Disorders as she is interested in understanding the disorder its root causes. She also holds massage therapy, First Aid, and food and safety certifications.

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