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Caroline Kornek

Support Worker


Caroline is an open-minded and outgoing individual that enjoys working and learning alongside others. She has experience working at a Montessori Pre-school and Elementary school and has previously worked with children presenting autism spectrum disorder. She is passionate about a future where mental health is a priority.

Her interests include rock climbing, being out in nature, and mental health.

Caroline is open to all kinds of clients as she would like to learn more from a diverse range of individuals. For example: people with different physical and intellectual disabilities, diverse age groups, etc. She also enjoys working with children and learning from other people’s experiences.


Caroline prides herself on her ability to be non-judgmental with clients, maintain engagement with their issues and listening empathically to their concerns.

She understands that each person is a unique individual with vastly different needs. Her client-centred approach means that she treats each client as having equally diverse, yet equally important needs.


Caroline is currently in the process of attaining a Bachelor of Psychology (honours.) She has previously gained qualifications in psychological sciences, and teaching English as a foreign language.

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