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Abbie Dimech

Support Worker


Abbie is currently undergoing her bachelor of nursing degree and hopes to specialise in mental or sexual health and is motivated to do so due to the communal growth of sexual violence and through witnessing her family and friends’ experiences with mental health issues; due to this Abbie wants to see the end of stigmatisation in the mental health sector. Growing up as one of the eldest children in a large family, Abbie quickly took on a nurturing role, inspiring her to want to become a registered nurse. She enjoys hiking and exploring and is always open to new adventures.


Abbie enjoys meeting and understanding new people, it is because of this, that she believes communicating with clients openly, with no judgement is the best approach to building a professional relationship. Abbie has no preference for the type of people she wants to work with, she is happy to provide support to anyone who needs it.


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