Performance Enhancement Programs

What are they?

A performance enhancement program (PEP) is a model that analyses abilities, identifies barriers, and allows for personal development in any given field. Our performance programs may be used within the corporate sector as a catalyst for success and growth, as well as in sport to drive teams and individual athletes to reach optimal athletic performance. To do this Direct Focus Solutions uses a collaborative approach with involved practitioners, coaches, and stakeholders but also uses innovative technology such as neurofeedback, heart rate variability and binaural beat music to optimise capacity of the brain, body and mind connection.

Who Benefits?

All highly motivated individuals who want to strengthen their current skills in order to stand out in their area of expertise. People may often require strategies to maintain their wellness in high demanding environments and can experience the following barriers to optimal performance:

  • Burnout
  • Competing priorities and demands
  • Lack of time
  • Insufficient ability to cope with demands of situations
  • Psychological symptoms: agitation, depression, anxiety, irritability, lack of motivation

What does the program include?

A recommended PEP is typically 12 weeks although tailored plans will be constructed for goal achievement.

An example athletic program may include the following:

  • Initial assessment from the DFS team
  • Goal setting
  • Written report which includes body and brain baseline and capacity
  • Weekly sessions which may include consult and or one to one neuro/biofeedback training
  • Consult and collaboration with coaches
  • Regular review of progress and outcomes by our specialists

Let Us Help You With Your Problems

Performance enhancement programs can be very beneficial in your life. Regardless of what your career path is and your responsibilities outside work, a PEP can help you balance your day to day activities. If you believe you’re ready to sign up for our PEP, contact our team right away.