Health and Wellness Integration

Direct Focus Solutions takes a holistic approach to wellness by enhancing the body and brain connection. The result produces stronger emotional wellbeing, and thus creating a healthy cycle of brain, body and mind. For example, the gut’s connection to our nervous system, can have a significant impact on mood, behaviours and emotional wellness (Deans, 2014). In turn, poor emotional wellbeing can disrupt our motivation for engaging in healthy physical activity.

Some members of the DFS psychological team have adopted components of Personal Integrative Therapy (PI Therapy) as an adjunct to cognitive therapy to improve our clients’ outcomes. This is a holistic integrative treatment for anxiety and depression pioneered by Dr Adrian Lopresti. The five domains of PI therapy that are addressed are: psychological, dietary/nutritional, lifestyle/environmental, biological/medical, and social/spiritual. The integration of especially diet and nutrition into the treatment of depression and anxiety, can enhance mental wellbeing, as can a change in lifestyle choices (Lopresti, 2013).

To build foundations for linking your neurological and physical needs, our team provides referrals and works collaboratively with those who specialise in gut and physical health such as the growing specialist doctors in integrative medicine.

Direct Focus Solutions has an affiliation with the Two and You Collective. Two and You Collective provides various types of yoga and tailored personal training programs to support you in reaching your wellness goals. Their therapeutic space also holds a range of yoga classes for children to promote health at an early stage.

If you would like more information, please contact us at 02 9190 6937 or visit to check out their classes and time tables.