About Taylor

I am the head personal trainer at Two and You Collective.

I have always been interested in the Fitness industry; growing up I was skinny, but I wanted to be strong and most importantly healthy! Losing weight is one thing, but I learnt getting the body you love can be a whole other ball game.

I understand weight gain and body image can be a sensitive subject, having gained weight myself while travelling. This also means I learnt first hand how to lose weight successfully and in such a way that it is maintainable long term. I love the high intensity style of training, but I also have a strong focus on slow, controlled movements and achieving good technique.

For me, consistency is the key! I believe there are no quick fixes and often say “loving your body and in turn loving yourself is a journey, a process and one that is worth taking the time and energy on!”

Practice location

Two and You Collective. Wollongong


Resistance training, cardio training, high intensity interval training, functional movement and mobility, flexibility, strength training.

Presenting Issues

  • Weight loss
  • Developing strength
  • Improving flexibility
  • Injury prevention
  • Post operation strengthening


I first started my career in the fitness industry in 2014, gaining my group fitness certificate. I loved working with groups of people, all working to better themselves, I loved the diversity and the range of goals within those groups. In 2015, I went back to study and achieved my Personal training certificate. With this I moved into another line of work and focused on one-on-one training. I enjoy working individually with people, it’s a lot more personal then group work and you feel the successes and the tough days with them. I particularly enjoy muscle development work and helping clients develop a strength base, and believe it’s needed in everyday life and essential as we age.


Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness
Senior First aid and CPR