About Jay

The reason I’ve joined the industry is to meet people that need my assistance in basic needs. I enjoy being able to help them grow as human beings and offer some life support to what suits them best in their current situation.

I’m motivated by being with people who are positive towards trying to make things better for themselves and the community. I also enjoy being able to help people who haven’t found that path yet and assist them on that journey.

I believe everyone has their own special gifts in life, it’s just about helping them unlock it and getting them to believe in themselves. So far, it’s been enjoyable. I look forward to the future and getting others involved in some of my other skill sets around cooking and sports.

In my spare time I enjoy interacting in different physical activities.

Practice Location



My approach is to meet a client and just observe their behaviour. This allows them to feel out my energy and presence, as well and try to make a mutual connection. I enjoy listening and learning about people and from there I try to figure out what’s the best way to move forward. I don’t have a particular preference with who I work with. I’m happy to work with anyone as long as I feel I have the required skills to do so depending on the type of support/care work that’s needed

Presenting Issues

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • Physical Disabilities


Jay has had experience in supporting those who may have intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, Autism or those who have high needs. His support is focused on helping those improve social engagement through individual and group communities.

For Jay, it’s important for his clients to feel heard. This is why he helps to work on the individual client’s needs, along with the extended family and any relationships that are associated with the client. In doing this it helps to assist clients in forming new relationships within the community, along with building current networks around the client. He understands for the best outcome for his clients he also needs to provide support to the primary carers.

Jay is proud to work closely with the clinical team at Direct Focus Solutions, as well as stakeholders in the community to be able to enhance different support services. His overall goal is to make the lives of those who may be struggling a little easier.


  • Qualified chef
  • Commercial cookery Management Cert 4