About Felix

I work in a psychology practice to understand people, their motivations and their behaviours. I enjoy understanding neuropsychological interventions because how our brains work explains so much of what we do. I have a passion towards my work and know that my understanding, study and appreciation of human behaviours will be a lifelong endeavour for me. I approach work by providing a non-judgmental supporting environment, where each client feels respected and valued. My goal is for each client to be better than when they came in. I enjoy working with everybody whether you’re facing multiple difficulties or only one.

Practice Location



Neurofeedback Training

Heart Rate Variability Training

Coordination and Stability – Movement Program

Social Skilling Program

Presenting Issues

Adult and Child ADHD/ADD Anxiety, Depression
OCD Panic Attacks
Cognitive Fitness


I first got interested in the field when I was in secondary school as one of my family members was trained in psychodynamic therapy. After school, I went on to study both psychology and counselling and I found myself being interested in neuropsychology and how the body and mind work together. This closely relates to my background in martial arts where body and mind are the core. I use patience and discipline derived from my martial arts background. In my spare time I am hands on and I enjoy getting into the mix of things, solving problems, fixing technology, messing around with mechanical things as well as putting in my own experimental and custom work. Now, I apply all my past and present knowledge to neurofeedback training and assistance with occupational therapy and psychology group programs.


Bachelor of Psychology Science
Diploma of Counselling