Aoife Staff Practitioner Therapy Counselling

About Aoife

Aoife is an occupational therapist who recently made the big move to Australia from her home in Ireland. She trained as an occupational therapist in the UK, where she gained experience in both the mental health and disability sectors. Her passion for travel drove her to gain experience further afield as well. For example, in Sri Lanka Aoife worked and gained valuable experience in both primary care and mental health hospitals. She is passionate about communication and enhancing self-esteem, using strength-based approaches in her practice.


Aoife implements a strength-based approach to empower our clients and their families, helping to guide their therapy and achieve their goals. By using neurodevelopmental strategies in the therapeutic process, Aoife works holistically with children and adults who may be experiencing a multitude of symptoms related to dysregulation and who may be finding it difficult to engage functionally in activities of daily living.

Her strategies include:

  • Development and attachment strategies
  • Therapeutic Listening-Vital Links
  • Wilbarger therapressure protocol for treatment of sensory defensiveness
  • Integration of primitive reflexes from a movement-based approach


  • BA Psychology
  • MSC Occupational Therapy

Practice Location

  • Kingsford


Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Time: 9 am – 6 pm