Occupational Therapy in Bathurst

When it comes to holistically treating and supporting individuals with mental health concerns, Occupational Therapy can be hugely beneficial, regardless of age.

Bathurst-based Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) promotes and facilitates enhanced mental health and wellbeing through engaging clients in purposeful activities.

We employ a neurodevelopmental approach to connect the brain and body for optimal therapy outcomes, making us a leading choice for occupational therapy in Bathurst.

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Our occupational therapy in Bathurst is centred around practical strategies that can be implemented in everyday life. Our focus is on improving mental health and wellbeing by teaching better strategies for self-regulation, attachment/engagement and sensory integration.

By integrating these strategies into everyday activities such as cleaning, cooking, exercising and more, we help our clients employ more effective coping mechanisms. This helps to reduce instances of anxiety and agitation, whilst making everyday life less daunting.

While occupational therapy is often considered a paediatric field, this is a misnomer, as its origins are in mental health. The ideal approach for occupational therapists involves equal consideration for mental health concerns, physical wellbeing, and skills and abilities.

This method allows us to more effectively undertake:

  • Cognitive assessments
  • Functional Assessments
  • Therapeutic relationships
  • Sensory strategies
  • Socio-emotional skills
  • Group process
  • Activities of daily learning (ADLs)

Where required, we can also make professional recommendations regarding beneficial home modifications.

Occupational therapy is also highly beneficial for those living with developmental conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder

Who Else Can Benefit from Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy may additionally benefit clients in Bathurst who are struggling to manage difficult circumstances related to grief and stress.

We are also adept at helping those with mental health concerns, such as depression and anxiety. Occupational therapy is also highly beneficial for those living with developmental conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Which Types of Conditions Can Occupational Therapy Assist With?

Our occupational therapy services in Bathurst can be of benefit to individuals who are experiencing:

  •  Difficulty with social engagement
  • Motor coordination difficulties, e.g., kicking or catching a ball
  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Self-care skills that are lacking, e.g., eating or sleeping
  • Oversensitivity to sensations such as sound, sight, taste, smell, touch and movement
  • Poor emotional regulation
  • Inability to engage effectively with everyday routines
  • Fussy eating
  • Sensory modulation difficulties combined with neurological trauma

What Do Our Occupational Therapy Programs in Bathurst Involve?

As a multidisciplinary team, Direct Focus Solution’s Occupational Therapy specialists provide innovative solutions in Bathurst and the surrounding areas. We are focused on delivering a holistic, tailor-made therapeutic approach that caters to the individual needs of our clients. Some of the programs and models we use include:

Sensory Strategies

For many individuals with mental health concerns, large influxes of information can be overwhelming, and result in anxiety and a loss of control.

Using sensory strategies, our occupational therapists help their clients to process information differently – this can help them remain focused and calm.

Sensory strategies focus on teaching new ways to manage these feelings and help clients feel more grounded in their day to day lives.

These strategies may involve working with an occupational therapist on developing life skills, money management, therapeutic cooking, wellness recovery action plans, independent living, sensory groups, nutrition, job readiness and more.

Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic listening by Vital Links is used for treating individuals who have difficulty with listening, processing sensory information, attention and communication. This program uses sound to refocus the brain so that it can more effectively process audible information.

Through the use of ambient noise such as nature sounds or gentle instrumental music, listeners can centre themselves which can help them focus and engage more meaningfully with the world around them.

Attachment/engagement Approach

Often, individuals who have experienced trauma in their formative years will have an impaired ability to form healthy emotional attachments.

Our OTs employ a range of strategies centred around strengthening emotional connections, enhancing self-esteem, building emotional resilience and learning how to trust.

These are all essential elements toward feeling safe, secure and worthy.

ALERT program

The ALERT program is an occupational therapy program available at our Bathurst clinic that works to teach self-regulation for individuals across their lifespan. Self-regulation is essential in many scenarios, such as aiding in concentration and the development of relationships. The ALERT program approach may include group interactions such as:

  • Social Cooking Group
  • Coordination and Stability Program
  • Community Integration Program
  • Performance Enhancement Program

Wilbarger Therapressure  Protocol

Primarily used for those who demonstrate sensory defensiveness, this protocol aims to reduce excessive reactions to sensory input that is linked to negative behaviours or emotions.

Also known as brushing therapy, it involves brushing the body with a small brush throughout the day. This action serves to try to break through or interrupt the negative or reactive behaviours associated with sensory input.

Sensory defensiveness can derive from one or more sources including touch, hearing, smell, vision and balance. It may be associated with:

Tactile defensiveness – aversive reaction to clothing, hair brushing and avoiding activities that involve body contact

Olfactory defensiveness – distress caused by smells, such as people, clothing and toys

Visual defensiveness – light hypersensitivity; avoiding eye contact

Auditory defensiveness – alarmed or panicked by noises, such as crying, sirens or the vacuum cleaner

Vestibular defensiveness – also known as gravitational insecurity, is an irrational fear of changing position. This is most often a reaction to any movement where the feet are lifted off the groun

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