Sleep Hygiene


Sleep is such a commonplace occurrence in our lives that its importance is often underappreciated or neglected. Sleep forms one of the essential cornerstones to our health and wellbeing! If someone is experiencing sleep deprivation or insomnia, their general physical health, mood, concentration, work performance, and even their ability to get along with others can be severely impacted!

If you or someone you know find themselves to be not getting enough sleep, it’s very important to seek help right away. Our kickstart program on sleep hygiene will give you the knowledge you need to understand sleep as a process, and take the steps needed to guarantee healthy sleep.

During our program you will learn about:

  • The benefits of sleep and what good sleep looks like.
  • The importance of routine and how the biological clock functions.
  • Creating the right physical environment for sleeping effectively.
  • Activities you can do or avoid to enable healthy sleep cycles.
  • How sleep disorders can affect you and steps you can take to minimise their impact.

Intrigued? Why not join our program and kickstart your path towards a good night’s sleep? We look forward to seeing you there!