Depression is one of the most common issues that Australians face every day. However, if you were asked “What does it look like to be depressed?” do you think you could answer it confidently? The truth is, there is a lot about depression which is commonly misunderstood.

Depression is more than simply feeling sad or blue. The ways depression affect us vary considerably from person to person, and can feature such diverse symptoms as:

  • Severe lethargy and fatigue.
  • Poor sleep cycles.
  • Feelings of underlying dread.
  • Difficulties with memory and concentration.

An important understanding is that what’s often most affected by depression isn’t the enjoyment of activities themselves, but rather your motivation or desire to engage in these activities. Our kickstart program will help you to better understand the causes of depression, how it expresses itself, and what you can do to help yourself overcome it.

Topics we will cover in our program include (but are not limited to:)

  • The different types of depression.
  • Risk factors for depression (including biological, psychological, and social factors.)
  • Protective factors against depression.
  • Introducing the A.B.C.D model for understanding depression.
  • Undertaking positive self-talk.
  • How different kinds of medical professionals can help you.

If you believe that yourself or someone you care about is experiencing depression, come and learn more about the issue with us. By better understanding depression and ways you can facilitate those experiencing it, you can help to kickstart individuals on the path to health and recovery!