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At Direct Focus Solutions (DFS) we provide effective Neurofeedback in Wollongong and Sydney as part of our Allied Health and Disability Services.

Our team of highly qualified and compassionate practitioners are dedicated to helping improve the lives and everyday functions of individuals across their lifespan who are living with medical conditions affecting the brain, learning difficulties and mental health concerns.

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What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive and highly effective tool through which we can train our brain to respond and regulate itself effectively. Just like how our muscles can change through exercise and deliver us better health and improved performance, our brains can too. NFT involves leveraging our brain’s ability to change and adapt in order to redirect and relearn behaviours

How Does It Work?

Using state of the art technology, our neurofeedback clinicians in Wollongong will monitor your brain waves and biofeedback while you watch a movie or play a game. The insights provided through this monitoring will then enable us to tailor your therapy and the visual stimuli you receive to deliver the best results.

You will be given an activity to complete, and if your brain waves remain within a normal range, you will be rewarded by experiencing no interruptions. Should these waves move into an abnormal range the activity will be cut short. Over time, this teaches your brain that keeping waves in the normal range generates positive outcomes.

Neurofeedback Vs Biofeedback

Neurofeedback is focused on brainwaves, whereas biofeedback assesses physiological processes such as perspiration, temperature, heart rate and muscle tension. Neurofeedback is essentially biofeedback for the brain, whereby we monitor your brainwaves and use this information to tailor your therapy.

A psychological assessment is the gathering, collation and analysis of information that is used to evaluate a person's behaviour, abilities, and other characteristics.

Why Pursue Neurofeedback Therapy In Wollongong?

There are many benefits to participating in NFT as part of your therapy plan including:

  • Acting as an effective adjunct therapy for ADHD, stress, anxiety, adjustment-related symptoms and behavioural health.
  • Facilitating better communication within the brain to promote peak performance, memory recollection, as well as sensory regulation and integration.
  • Supporting enhanced sensory regulation for ADHD, autism, and anxiety-related symptoms. NFT has recently been endorsed as an efficacious and specific therapy for ADHD and symptoms of anxiety in individuals across their lifespan.
  • Being a non-pharmacological approach, i.e., a drug-free approach.
  • Being a long-term solution, unlike medication which only works while you are taking it.
  • Being safe – making it ideal for children or NDIS clients with complex needs.

A growing awareness of the brain’s ability to change and adapt, coupled with the desire of many individuals to pursue evidence-based and drug-free therapy methods has highlighted the importance of NFT as a genuine alternative to numerous other options.

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Neurofeedback is highly beneficial for those living with anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, concentration difficulties, autism, PMS, emotional disturbances, and more. It has also been shown to be beneficial for those in academic, corporate and athletic sectors to increase performance

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What Does Therapy Look Like?

At DFS, the first step in your NFT therapy plan is to have our clinicians conduct a comprehensive initial assessment at your home or in our office. This is done before formulating an individually tailored therapy plan and enables us to get to know you. We recognise that everyone’s situation, requirements and goals are unique, so we work closely with you to ensure you are comfortable.

The next step when undergoing Neurofeedback at our Wollongong clinic will involve testing your brain’s electrical activity by gently placing sensors across your scalp and ears that monitor brainwave signals.

Our qEEG diagnostic tool then applies precise mathematical and statistical analysis to your brainwave patterns and compares them to neurotypical brainwaves in order to create your unique brain map.

Using this brain map we then identify patterns outside of the neurotypical range and any related disruptions. Together these techniques help us create tailored therapy plans and approaches designed to help you meet your goals.

Your therapy will be tracked, monitored, and consistently reviewed by our skilled clinicians and an experienced neurofeedback technician in the United States. This allows us to tweak therapy as necessary and deliver the desired outcomes for our clients. Our goal is to have you live your best possible life.

Not located in Wollongong? As part of our commitment to our clients, we also offer remote service provision via telehealth. Remote NFT allows individuals to undertake therapy within the comfort and convenience of their own homes and makes this incredible therapy available to everyone.

How Soon Will I See Results?

NFT is a long-term strategy that requires a degree of commitment and patience to bring about lasting changes in brain activity. Just as a single run cannot prepare you for a marathon, the same is true for NFT and your brain’s behaviour.

Most people begin to notice subtle changes sometime between their second and fifth sessions. Lasting change, however, is best achieved through long term therapy which could be 30-50 sessions or more over an extended period.

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Does NF Impact Your Personality?

No, NFT works to improve your mood and deliver better brainwave regulation for a calmer, happier existence. You will feel less inclined to be angry or agitated by formerly triggering situations, but who you are will not change. Your likes, dislikes and hobbies will remain the same.

Possible Side Effects

Following neurofeedback in Wollongong some clients may feel tired, irritable, anxious or have a headache. This is more common during longer, more intensive sessions.

These symptoms usually subside within a short time of the sessions end. Please always raise any concerns you have regarding side effects with your neurofeedback Wollongong practitioner.

Schedule Your Neurofeedback Appointment In Wollongong

Our multidisciplinary approach to complex mental health presentations at Direct Focus Solutions is what sets us apart and enables us to deliver world-class care to our valued clients. We combine numerous allied health practices and disciplines such as occupational therapy, psychology, speech therapy, behaviour support, support work, art therapy and skills development programs.

Through this, we have developed an all-encompassing, integrative approach to improved functioning and wellbeing that meets the individual needs of each of our Neurofeedback clients in Wollongong no matter their age or abilities.

As a dedicated and passionate team of highly qualified practitioners, we’re here to help you improve your quality of life and eliminate or reduce those behaviours which are causing you distress. For exceptional Neurofeedback services in Wollongong, book an appointment with Direct Focus Solutions today on 1300 197 949.

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