Mental Health During Self-Isolation

During times such as these, it can often seem difficult to keep your mental fortitude and morale up. You might feel dispirited or lonely, or perhaps even blasé or dejected; for yourself, others or even society as a whole. For most of us, these current circumstances are a new and perhaps somewhat intimidating thing.

It’s important to remember though, that we have a unity as a people through this shared experience. No matter how you feel, others in your community, your city, state, country and even across the world feel the same and are likely under similar circumstances. Collectively, we will emerge from these times with new knowledge and appreciations.

There are valuable insights to be gained even from adverse situations. Why not take this opportunity to engage in experiences new or old that you wouldn’t otherwise do given your regular schedule? For instance, reading an old favourite, bonding with pets, taking up a new hobby such as painting or photography, or even reorganising your possessions and clutter.

Be sure to talk to others and continue your social interactions, even though we are maintaining social distancing. Instant messaging, posting on forums for those with common interests, and video streaming are all good options.

Many organisations such as our own at Direct Focus Solutions, are also implementing telehealth services. This means that should you feel the need to talk to a health professional, consultations will be made available online