Mental Health Breaks

Have you given yourself a mental health break today? If you find yourself having to think about it, the chances are that you probably haven’t!

The definition of a mental health break really depends on the individual. But for me, I like to think of a mental health break as:

“Doing a brief activity that is both mentally and physically different to what I’ve been engaged in recently.”

That might sound a bit technical, but it’s really quite easy! Think of the following (probably very familiar) scenario:

“I’ve been working at home for hours now. My back hurts, I’m stressed. I just want this day to end.”

If you’re feeling like this, why not try having a mental health break? These are the kind of things I do to help myself:

– Stand up and do some simple stretches, making sure to consciously loosen the tension in my shoulder and back muscles (you’d be amazed at the difference this can make.)

– Close my eyes and do a few deep breathing exercises; thinking about something fun I’ll get to do at a point after work (a hobby, a delicious meal, etc.)

– Take a physical walk, even if it’s around the house. Make sure to have a glass of water or even a light snack.

– Do something entertaining for a short period of time (I personally like to put in a quick 5-minute exercise in an app like Duolingo. That way, I can both have a break and do something productive!)

The key is to put yourself in a different place both mentally and physically. A 5-minute mental health break every few hours can do wonders for your productivity! Why not give it a try?