Keeping Active at Work

Many Australians express a desire to become healthier and adopt more active behaviours in their daily routines. The nature of the modern workplace can sometimes make this a rather challenging prospect! Long periods of sitting and restricted access to exercise locations and equipment at work are a major culprit.

Health practitioners have recommended that workers find creative ways to squeeze exercises into their work routine. Below we will discuss some activities you may wish to try yourself!

1) If your work has coffee runs or similar, try volunteering to do it yourself more often. This can give you a good opportunity to stretch your legs. Try varying the foods or drinks purchased by going to different venues, or taking a different route to a popular one!

2) If you have a question to ask a workmate, try tracking them down by walking to them rather than just calling or using email. This can give you a little extra exercise!

3) Go for a walk or jog during your lunchbreak. If there is a lack of available space, try doing some paces up and down a nearby flight of stairs, or go jogging on the spot.

4) Speaking of stairs, try taking the stairs whenever you have the opportunity, rather than using an elevator. The trick is to turn this into a habit: aim to take the stairs at least once a day, then build yourself towards using them every time.

5) Try walking at least part of the way to work. Not everyone lives within walking or biking distance of their workplace. If you catch a bus, try walking to work from the next earliest stop. If you drive a car, park at a farther location and walk the rest of the way.

6) Do a quick exercise during your regular breaks. We’ve previously discussed the importance of taking a 5 minute break every hour or so. During this time, why not do a few stretches, jog in place, or use a small dumbbell?