Couples Counselling

Being in a relationship should be a “feel good” thing. However not all relationships have a happy ending. No matter when it is or who you are, problems in a relationship can manifest into something greater if left unattended to. Small pet hates and irritants can quickly transform into fights and arguments that can leave you wanting to give up.

Sadly, many relationships end up this way. However, with the help of couples counselling that no longer has to be the case.

At Direct Focus Solutions we know that sometimes a relationship needs help in order to get back on track. No relationship is perfect, but given time, effort and assistance, you can overcome any obstacle holding you back. We can help you and your partner move towards a happier, more satisfying life together.

Warning Signs

Couples counselling is a great avenue for anyone looking to help their relationship move forward. Here are some signs that you may need a gentle push towards couples counselling. If you:

  • Don’t enjoy sex anymore
  • Feel like breaking up with your partner
  • Have had infidelity occur during your relationship
  • Constantly argue and fight
  • Find you can’t talk to each other any more
  • Don’t feel much love for your partner
  • Keep arguing over the same issues
  • Want different outcomes within your relationship
  • Constantly argue over money
  • Pretend everything’s okay when it’s not
  • Have trouble agreeing on anything
  • Are about to make a big life change in your relationship

If you’re experiencing any of these signs above, we can help you to work through these issues and emerge together stronger.

Strengthening Your Relationship

No relationship is without its flaws. At Direct Focus Solutions we aim to help you uncover the reasons why you may be having trouble moving past these obstacles. With our direct and positive approach to couples counselling, we will provide both you and your partner a safe and private place to talk about anything that may be concerning you.

We understand that it takes time and willingness for you and your partner to participate in each counselling session. We want to help you take the steps in the right direction and to feel comfortable in expressing yourself. Our professional and highly trained team of psychologists are here to help you make the best start on a new life together.

Let Us Help You Today  

Couples counselling will give you the help you need to get your relationship back on track. Don’t be afraid to reach out and make your first appointment today. Together, we can help you to feel happy in your relationship again. Feel free to call us today.