Finding your Passions

A frequent sign of depression is a loss of interest in the things that you formerly loved doing. The amount devotion that individuals apply to their interests and passions can help to promote strong, healthy and regular brain activity.

For some people, their depression, stress or anxiety can reach the point where they can be at a loss to explain what their interests are: as if nothing truly inspires them or gives them joy, even for a fleeting moment.

This is why it can often be a beneficial exercise to self-reflect on the importance of these activities to you, and why they make you feel as positive as they do.

It’s also important to remember that your interests are malleable: they can ebb and flow with your mood, age and numerous other factors. Don’t be afraid to explore new interests and broaden your horizons. At the same time, it can be very exciting to revisit an old passion and see how your experiences have changed your understanding of, and participation in, the activity in question.

For myself, model making was an activity that I flitted in and out of; yet always returned to. It’s a passion that has maintained its place as a positive constant in my life. What kind of activities inspire you and enhance your mood?