Cooking Group

Happy Monday, everybody!

At Direct Focus Solutions we’re continuing to implement our remote services in creative and interesting ways. As an example, I’d like to draw your attention to the fantastic work done by Jay, one of our Program Managers!

We’re now running his popular cooking class “Ready, Spaghetti, Cook!” but online! By doing this, not only can his cooking group continue to enjoy an interactive and supportive learning environment, but they can do so from their own homes!

Classes are hosted every Monday at 4pm AEST.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us and ask for the Zoom meeting ID and password!

Each class will feature a roll call, and then you’ll watch Jay cook a delicious recipe! Participants will be given a copy of the recipe so they can try cooking it themselves!

Each session supports participants in developing their skills in cooking, social integration and relationships, and overall team-building skills!

Jay’s cooking classes focus on building foundation skills for interacting in groups and the broader community. Cooking will be used as a scaffold for building foundations in self-regulation, sensory integration and life skills.

We hope to see you there!